Escape Room (2019) KILL COUNT

Escape Room (2019) KILL COUNT


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40 Responses

  1. Cheng Teoh says:

    Which is worse … being stuck in the Escape Room or the Cube?

    • Zeta says:

      The Cube has to be my worst nightmare; even if it isn’t the one in Hypercube. You have to calculate powers of a prime just to be sure you won’t die in the next room, you have to do it before you either: Starve, Get murdered (by traps or people), dehydrate, etc. You also have to calculate WHERE the escape is before you get to it. As well, if you’re in Hypercube, you don’t even have any numbers and the only way to escape is to be Generic White Woman working for Generic Evil Company that Shares Its Name With a Generic Quickscoping Clan; and even if you do all that, you’re still fucking executed by a soldier. In the Escape Room, you just have to be pretty clever and slightly physically adept. I’ll take my chances with the clever room, thank you very much. No geometric shapes for me.

    • Cooper Smeby says:


    • The Reaper says:

      Cube because it’s more randomness with. No solution

    • out of context says:

      Cube for sure

    • E says:

      The cube – its claustrophobic and really complicated to escape

  2. Wutaii1 Nostalgia says:

    Falling into ice and then drowning under it while gazing at your freedom being so close would be horrifying.

  3. Gorey Bits says:

    There’s no escaping this kill count 😎

    • Red Ranger says:

      There’s no escaping uncreative comments from checkmarks

    • Tejada Films says:

      Nice one!

    • Crab Blab says:

      Clicks off video*

    • Shreko 2008 says:

      @Zayne Laurel you are a stale ham sandwich of a human

    • Shreko 2008 says:


  4. plectrumura says:

    I thought Deborah Ann Woll’s character was the most compelling so I was bummed when she fell.

  5. Fail Kaboom says:

    I normally hate the “but they didn’t REALLY die” trope in sequels, but I wouldn’t mind at all if Amanda comes back in a sequel in some way. I really liked her and there’s a perfect excuse for her to live set up.

    • western force says:

      I have a feeling that Danny didn’t really die. He was an expert at escape rooms, he did over 90 rooms and he walked right past the guy that confiscated Amanda’s phone and he just let him go. Plus he was the first one to die and when he was under the ice he went directly to where the vents were. Meaning that’s where the rest of the team pulled him from the ice.

    • Dezilen says:

      Sameeee!!! She was my fave >.<

  6. The Boy says:

    I just gotta give props. Dead meat is really one of the highest quality channels on YouTube.

  7. Roman Gunter says:

    Since James and Chelsea really love Escape Rooms, then James needs to do a Kill Count for the Cube trilogy.

  8. DeclanHugo RS says:

    Imagine watching the two guys left fight in that abstract room without drugs and they’re just rolling around the floor.

  9. MyLittleHomie says:

    Man, I was so pissed when Amanda died. She’s such a badass, I wanted her to make it all the way

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “A way to watch people die for entertainment, could’ve just made a YouTube channel brah”

    You’re right, he could’ve made a Dead Meat 2.0 channel

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