*ESCAPE ROOM* Role in Among Us

*ESCAPE ROOM* Role in Among Us

We add an ESCAPE ROOM imposter into Modded Among Us!

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🎶 Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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33 Responses

  1. - [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW says:

    “there’s also a deathrun”
    cries in gmod deathrun nostalgia

  2. Lonely trash can says:

    This kind of reminds me of only one leaves btw love the content

  3. SirLightning says:

    Ian: “70k likes in 1 day!”
    Us: 167k likes in 8 hours and rising….

  4. gamerguy101 says:

    Ssundee: “Let’s get to 70k likes in one day!”

    The video: *Posted 8 hours ago*

    The likes: 175k

  5. Harsii says:

    “There is *AN* GameMaster among us”
    That English go brrrrrr

  6. Best Username says:

    The artist role
    -“Camo painting”They can go camo by painting themselves(only when transformed)
    -“canvas freestyle”They can smash people with a canvas(stuns players for 5 seconds and has a 25% of smashing them into a painting aka death)
    -“Painting contest”Forces two crewmates to paint something and other players vote(loser dies)
    -“Sculpting” can paint other players(changes there colors for the rest of the round)
    – “green paint” which paints acid on any player(kills then after 20 seconds)
    -can lay paint on walls or floors(slows player down)

    -wipes are located around the map to wipe someones color from Sculpting
    -the sculpting color wont show on the voting screen

  7. ❤️catty❤️ says:

    I realy love the escape master face i lought in it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Legonetic says:

    SSundee: “Let’s try to get to 70K likes in one day!”
    8 hours later before posted…
    The likes: *207K*


  9. DemoZero says:

    2:32 just SSundee smiling even though he was too late to save his friend

  10. Everyone says:

    Ssundee: “Let’s get to 70k likes in one day”
    LIterally everyone: “Ok let’s comment about that!”

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