Escaping Anderson Springs during Valley Fire

Escaping Anderson Springs during Valley Fire

Driving out of Anderson Springs 9/12/15 at 8:30 pm

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20 Responses

  1. Smelly Ass Cheeks says:

    I think some one 360 allahu akbared that

  2. Kristina Wilson says:

    I’m pretty sure he is driving out of Silent Hill.

  3. Cristian “Ya boi” Millard says:

    I left my mixtape outside. My bad

  4. juan lopez says:

    that looks like a badass ride

  5. Anthony Depaz says:

    Do people have fire insurance? Because I always see wilt fire in the news

  6. ZAXOcuz says:

    looks scary as fk, still better scene then most movies tries.

  7. Nyc Bible says:

    So that’s what hell is like!

  8. Luke Rogers says:

    Oh….my….god. I consider them lucky to have experienced something not
    too many people have, but it’s heartbreaking that it had to be in a
    populated area :/

  9. John Davis says:

    where are the zombies?

  10. Nyc Bible says:

    Anyone, want to buy some burnt Lincoln Logs?

  11. TheSyntactics says:

    glad you made it out! things could’ve gone very wrong but you stayed calm
    and got out safe!

  12. Joe Weis says:

    GOP !!!

  13. Thunder Sound says:

    Rapture is coming

  14. Noah Marlow says:

    500th like!

  15. Dre4dwolf says:

    Crazy fire, completely out of control.

  16. phong hang says:

    absolutely scary. My heart would be pumping at 100/sec. I hope the
    owner/driver/family of the car @ 1:17 made it out ok as well.

  17. Fun Fox says:

    Now all that’s needed is the howling sirens, and the main theme of Silent
    Hill to go along with this.

  18. Andersan Bobo says:

    Seems like hell is forming on earth, but only in its first stage. God bless
    those involved in this tragedy.

  19. Taco Wizard 2.0 Advanced says:

    As he drives and films without calling anyone for help…