Ethan Hawke Knows To Seek Knowledge From Masters

Ethan Hawke Knows To Seek Knowledge From Masters

‘First Reformed’ star Ethan Hawke knows to stay quiet and listen when a master actor is at work.

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52 Responses

  1. GD Otatun says:

    Legend! 💪🏼🔥

  2. 47 and2 says:

    just rewatched dead poet’s today. maybe i should be watching this clip standing on my desk.

  3. moonwalkingthroughlife says:

    I’m really excited for his new film!! I heard it’s gonna leave you shook for days.

  4. Ilang Ilang says:

    Oh that’s so exciting.

  5. dopamining says:

    He`s become the new Captain.

  6. moonwalkingthroughlife says:

    I love when an actor really cares about his work. His excitement and pride for the movie makes me excited as well!

  7. Marcus Gerber says:

    Wow that was moving.

    • Sunshine Hornick says:

      I like Ethan Hawke..he’s a good actor and is very articulate and insightful…we need more actors like him that are intelligent and articulate instead of the ones that are air headed and dense

    • Chuck Lambert says:

      Indeed, it was. That guy is a class act and genuine.

    • dannykumite says:

      this interview makes me love movies again

    • NadaSurferTube says:

      Perfect date night trilogy, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy…Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, adn Before Midnight…soo damn good…yes, I think it’s time for me to revisit some of Ethan Hawke’s films as well.

  8. vanya chairunissa says:

    god this was so deep and i didnt know i need this interview until i watched it

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      “Convergence is real.”

      What is convergence? The balancing act on the tip of a pin, concentrating energy into one dimension.

      Convergence is when people align to accomplish one goal. The focus of energy into a straight, solid line of action, with solidarity, and purpose; like a laser beam of pure light, dematerialized, and transformed into tremendous, brilliant and blinding energy.

      Before we get ahead of ourselves, we must acknowledge, the duality in this equation, and thus Convergence is countered by his diametric, diabolical brother: Divergence. Able to his, Cain.

      Cain, the convergent, plays it cool, instead of being like his wild divergent brother, Able, irascible and irritable, always bitter and unstable, ready and willing to devolve into outright combat.

      Unlike Able, with his energy climbing chaotically into the unknown, the convergent Cain resolves himself to solitary purpose; he gets to the point.

      Cain said, “My father always told me, to wait as long as you can, before committing course. He told me that, ‘the resolution of the image always improves in time.'”

      Cain continued,”It took me a long time to see the true meaning of those words, and the pre-eminent coverage of that rule.”

      One always feels, as if their thought, can be focused onto a very chunky, fuzzy idea itself, and in an abstract way, your work in time, your thought itself focused upon this rough notion, can sharpen it into a fine, and definitive spire.

      When you can take an immense amount of information, filter it all, and boil it down, and distill into that, ‘golden goo’, that I speak so fondly of, yeah….that’s the good stuff. That is, literally, the whole point of the process.

      (No pun intended)

      “Yeah, right.”

      “No seriously, I only knew at the last minute.”

      “But, you still ok’d the final copy?”

      “Let us never speak of this, again.”

    • E MP says:

      ha ha yeah I’m inspired.

  9. lordkorner says:

    Great actor , wonderful person.

  10. 1950dn says:

    Intelligent, passionate and beautiful man.

  11. Philip Chiras says:

    Ethan Hawke is my favorite actor..he is so talented and amazing person but yet very underrated

    • Rdeez says:

      A lot of people say he’s a real dick apparently.

    • Nele S says:

      I think it’s because he does a lot of independent movies and stays away from blockbusters.

    • ro he says:

      A lot of people haven’t replied as such, so far. Just you. Solo. Individual. Primary. Singular.

    • The Master Grief Collection says:

      But… but… That vampire movie… That one with Selena Gomez was like the worst movie of that year lol. I met her! She said it was shit and she was the star lol.

      Sorry I disagree… I think he’s not very good. He’s not trash but nothing special either…

    • Professor Drock says:


  12. ablurt_55 says:

    Predestination is one of my favourite movies of all time. If any of you havent seen it check it out. Ethan Hawke is incredible in it

  13. Trepanation21 says:

    What a stellar guest to have. I really appreciate his humility and understanding of people and life.

  14. 19thHour says:

    “Can’t we just keep politics out of the sermon?” I don’t think that’s possible since the two are so closely related.
    Ethan’s work here is very subtle, like a lot of his roles in cult movies (Gattaca, Daybreakers, Predestination, Valerian). I’ll check this film out once it hits digital.

  15. Mr. Tulip says:

    Horrible cut at 05:09 . I really wanted to hear the whole interview, there’s little more interesting than someone dedicated talking about his passion.

    • Herr Schmidt says:

      He is on promo tour and part of the deal is that they talk about the movie. This is something I like about podcast formats – if it gets interesting, they can add a few minutes and plug the movie later.

    • socrappyicoulddie says:

      This is why it’s killing me CBS won’t stick to the one-guest-per-episode thing they were doing a few weeks ago. It worked like a dream.

    • azdgariarada says:

      Yeah, it seems like they got a new person to edit their youtube clips about a month ago. There have been a few noticeable changes.

      It also seems like that new person is a complete fucking retard.

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      FYI, that whole ‘now, I am alone’ story represents the ability to capture the audience with a moment of vulnerability. Most people connect with actors for emotional reasons, not necessarily technical or professional ones. If you know how to engage people on this level, you can ‘break through’ their typical response, and get them at a heightened state of interest and awareness.

      Writers usually encapsulate this ‘tactic’ with the ‘bold headline’. I think, actors have a much broader range of techniques to ‘shock and awe’ their audience.

  16. Carmeleon says:

    I have such admiration for Ethan Hawke. He has found a way to keep a young man’s energy and aura. I mean, he’s 47, but he comes accross as a vibrant twenty something.

    He’s also such a real person, something that is very rare in the entertainment business. When he speaks, you pay attention, because you know wisdom and truth are about to come. Much respect.

    I hope he and Richard Linklater make a new ‘Before…’ movie btw. Such a beautiful trilogy.

    • bleumarin1968 says:

      i so agree with you, considering they made the 3 movies before about 9 years apart each, the last one came out in 2013, we are in 2018, so it takes about 2 to 3 years to make a movie… meaning they can start writing it right now ! 😉

    • avedic says:

      Before….Sunrise, Sunset, and Midnight.

      But…..what other daily solar event could they do? Oooh….how about Before Eclipse? It can take place in one day….the day last year when we had the total solar eclipse across the US. Whatever they call it…I’d love a new Before movie. Excellent series of films!

    • bleumarin1968 says:

      also, they could start a new series in the series: like before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, before tea… 😉

  17. T nt says:

    Wow. Ethan owned it. Such a interesting guy. I never knew..

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      It’s not about the messenger as much as it is about the message. Don’t get lost on the superficial details.

  18. Matthew Snider says:

    I still think the Mean Tweet about Ethan Hawke is one of the funniest things (and not all that mean, all things considered): “Ethan Hawke looks like the kind of guy who wasn’t supposed to be a movie star, but he just sort of slipped through the cracks and everyone was like, ‘ok.'”

    • VideoNozoki says:

      He has enough money to cap his teeth, or dye his hair, or buy the ‘right’ clothes/stylist…
      I respect him even more that he hasn’t done those things.
      When I see him in movies like ‘Boyhood’, he looks like a real person in the situation,
      not ‘the flavor-of-the-year hunk’ just reading his lines.

  19. Herr Schmidt says:

    And in just a few seconds he sums up what current cinema is lacking.

  20. menotu000 says:

    I have a newfound respect for Ethan now. He isn’t just a Hollywood gasbag, there is intelligence and real thought there.

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