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20 Responses

  1. Jake Roosenbloom says:

    Wonder Woman knock off?

  2. SuperShah201 says:

    I’m hyped. This looks wonderful.
    get it

  3. Kim Jong Un says:

    1,000 views and its on trending

  4. AngelicOblivion90 says:

    so this is a bio pic about the creator of Wonder Woman.

  5. Bruh Nana says:

    Why is this trending?

  6. Version20 says:

    Ever wonder…where YouTube gets this stupid “trending” list from…?

  7. Trap Effect says:

    How is this trending

  8. FyrFytr998 says:

    A movie about Moulton? Interesting.

  9. Its Abie Art says:

    Youtube algorithm at it finest.

  10. Bloodmilk says:

    Its trending because they payed a lot of money for it to “trend”

  11. boreduser12 says:

    Can people SHUT THE F UP about why something is trending. Geez. Every fucking trending video has the same comment. What the F will saying that accomplish? Nothing. You’re just people with no better ideas who want attention, exactly like some of these trending videos.

  12. NIneDJcali says:

    So……..what the hell is this?

  13. Duraige Jerben says:

    mm… well this was random lol

  14. Moon Fluff! says:

    Youtube algorithms at there finest 👌

  15. Q says:

    For those who don’t know what this is. Its a biopic/documentary film about the creator of Wonder Woman.

  16. Ian Meadows says:

    Is this a blonde Wonderwoman?

  17. DaMuffin! says:

    Poor video got so many dislikes for being on trending because they likely paid youtuve

  18. Johnny Gonzalez says:

    Why is this trending…
    oh cause YouTube being trendy towards liberal feminists gotcha

  19. Sweet Keith says:

    It only has 50k views and it’s trending what?

  20. Matthew Lucero says:

    22 seconds longer and there’s a possibility it will be higher up on the list!

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