Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

This is what your upstairs neighbors are really up to.

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Cast & Credits
Julia – Molly Lloyd
David – Dan Chamberlain
Neighbor – Laura Wilcox
Interviewer – Joanna Bradley

Director – Tim Bierbaum
Writer – Matt Moskovciak
Editor – Sean McIlraith
DP – Tyler Ribble
1st AC – Bridget Araujo
Gaffer/Grip – Sean C. Li
Sound Mixer – Kurt Seery
Art Director – Kayla Nadel-LaMotta
Producer – Kelly Harper
Production Coordinator – Louis Caggiano
PA – Benjamin Baldwin
Intern – Charlotte Barnett

Wall art courtesy of Olivia Peebles

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19 Responses

  1. Taylor Manus says:

    My life, #everyday . Mystery unlocked! 

  2. nebutch says:

    Hmm… weird. I’m not that lady in the video, yet those are undoubtedly my
    upstairs neighbors. WTF?

  3. zaldare says:

    I seriously want to tape an alarm clock to the roof early in the morning
    before i leave and for it to rings for hours. My neighbors go to bed at
    23.30-00.00 which is brutal if you want to wake up before 7 because you can
    literally not fall asleep due to them walking with their heels. Fucking
    hate them for it.

  4. Sylvain Soliman says:

    So true …

  5. Masane17 says:

    Poor neighbors. x)

    Though these guys’ passion about it is kinda commendable.

  6. Mystic Song says:

    Fun fact: This is exactly how my upstairs neighbor sounds like. I feel like
    they enjoy making noise. My parents already filed complaints and informed
    the police. But they’re like “Oh no, we don’t even have a bath!”

  7. MrVarakai says:

    They forgot the sound of someone going up the stair and beating them up…

  8. spoofer20 says:

    I had a neigbour like this. But I fixed it by playing obnoxious and loud
    music everytime they made a lot of noise. You have to teach them to behave
    through pain.

  9. azurillkirby says:

    This is exactly like an Onion video, I love it!

  10. Patrick Queally, Mortgage Consultant. NMLS #26990 says:

    In case you need another reason to move out of your apartment and buy your
    own home: Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

  11. Neal Harris says:

    It would be funnier if I didn’t have upstairs neighbors exactly like this!

  12. Aeson French says:


  13. ParabolaTool says:

    Had this shit in college. Fuck.

  14. lazul100 says:

    When my neighbor is drunk he sings folk songs, shouts/talks with his dog,
    throws balls, and I think he is doing a lot of things shown in this video.

  15. Per S says:

    Nice one. I feel like someone understands my pain.

  16. The Second City Network says:

    Thank YOU! Try having an improv classroom above your place!

  17. NYCBA2 says:

    You guys get an OSCAR from me!
    I find this spectacular! Funny! Amazing. Thank You- please give us more!

  18. Nick Loucas says:

    not really funny. kinda dumb actually. sorry. 

  19. Kendall Vo says:

    Yes. Exactly.