Everything Wrong With A Bug’s Life In 13 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With A Bug’s Life In 13 Minutes Or Less

In celebration of Finding Dory’s upcoming release, we went looking for sins in one of the few Pixar movies we’ve yet to cover: A Bug’s Life.

Thursdsay: A completely different kind of movie that we also chose to sin because of Finding Dory.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. AndroidTechZone | Cermy says:

    A lot of “bugs” in this film ???

  2. gangsta kitty says:

    Can’t wait for everything wrong with Now You See Me 2.

  3. ShinobiMantis says:

    Those twigs could be willow, hazel, or yew.

  4. ASAP KEYZ says:

    that’s his I feed my eel

  5. Paul Freedman says:

    Hawgwash. Aint nawthin wrawng with this here muu-veeh!

  6. Tomsk Bromley says:

    I’m pretty sure ants have six limbs, but whatever.

  7. Cooper The Golden Retriever says:

    Everything wrong with Me Before You

  8. Kendall Ethereal says:

    Everything wrong with Chicken Run!!

  9. James Anthony says:

    What makes that ant so much smarter than the other ants is that he’s the
    only one portrayed by a TALKING CHIMPANZEE SCIENTIST! Come on! It’s
    Cornelius for cryin’ out loud! :)

  10. Yarely Garcia says:


  11. edw7585 says:

    It always bothered my how the wrong ant said, “Your Dad’s right. He’s going
    to die.”

  12. Lapis “Joy” Lazuli says:

    everything wrong with Astro Boy (2009) !!

  13. Kasey K says:

    Do everything wrong with the Blade movies

  14. Long Mach says:

    The punishment should’ve been RAIDZ!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mr Z says:

    everything wrong with KRAMPUS

  16. L Kerr says:

    you feel your sins crawling on your back

  17. Swanky Steevee says:

    everything wrong with Warcraft!

  18. urbanmiss26 says:

    Hahaha hilarious but I still love this movie ?

  19. muffinluveruuu says:

    Umm..this movie is a retelling of the Seven Samurai.

  20. Colton Phillips says:

    Hahahahahaha I laughed so hard at that joke about Wings. I bet Barret made
    that one. But I actually really like Silly Love Songs. Still really funny