Everything Wrong With Baby Driver In 14 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Baby Driver In 14 Minutes Or Less

Here’s a movie that most people, including us, found super enjoyable. And yet… sins and stuff. We gotta do what we gotta do.

Next week: Two 2017 movies get sinned.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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60 Responses

  1. Rachel Dinges says:

    “Baby got back…”
    It’s the small joys in life.

  2. Greybeard says:

    Forgot a sin- his earbuds stayed in the whole time.

  3. Rj Jake says:

    The end of the movie was… Baby dreaming the scenario… So no bull to the sh*t

  4. newthrash1221 says:

    Lol I actually did think the girl singing in the scene where Debora’s introduced was a completely different waitress.

  5. your boi god says:

    Why do they let a baby drive thou?

  6. JDM Lifestyle says:

    “Considering what they’re saying about you these days I’m not surprised”

  7. M. Haynes says:

    no nothings wrong with this movie

  8. Gabriel Guimond says:

    Damn that Kevin Spacey diss was ruthless

  9. Jaden Slyker says:

    “Blinded by the balls on that kid.”
    -Gay Spacey

  10. Chup Smith says:

    at about 3:10 : Yeah, I was waiting for the awkward Kevin Spacey joke to come along ^_^

  11. Jaime Lorenzo Del Rosario Diaz De Rivera says:

    *insert Initial D in racing scenes*

  12. DeVaughn Brown says:

    RIP Spacey

  13. Hashim Ali says:

    Damnit Debbie Deborah get your hands off my recorder

  14. Jess Smith says:

    “i was amazed by the balls on that kid”
    “well what they’re saying about you these days, i’m not surprised”

  15. Shenis O says:

    So you guys are going to ignore the fact that the movie did *NOT* explain how Baby driver is so skilled at driving???

    *Movie Sin Tally: 87*

    • Shawn Pitman says:

      would make half of the stunts in the movie impossible to do at all. so clearly he’s not using traction control.

    • ThisName DoesntMatter says:

      natural talent is a thing

    • Aceres Red Eyes says:

      Just to give the main character a talent to separate him from the average person. Helps drive the plot forward, pun semi-intended.

    • Jayy Al-Husaam says:

      in the movie, kevin spaceys guy said when he was barely a kid, he tried to steal his (docs) car, and he’s been boosting ever since. I’m sure if he’s been stealing cars and doing getaway driving since a child, he’d have crazy skills

    • Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon says:

      It’s common sense. Don’t blame the movie for your lack of that.

  16. TheZeroJoker says:

    That other guy got killed for leaving his shotgun behind, which ended up being inconsequential anyway. But not only is Bats not killed, he’s still allowed to be on the team to do the heist after blowing away Doc’s contacts for literally no reason, and doing absolutely insane (and unrealistic even then) things like killing store and restaurant employees at random (on camera) rather than paying for food. This is all just because he needs to be around to be antagonistic to Baby. Lazy and dumb writing.

    • projet cartoons and comics says:

      TheZeroJoker doc believed that the cop shot first he was never caught or identified and any of the murders so doc wouldnt know about it and nobody snitched on him so doc wouldn’t kill him maybe you should pay attention

    • ThisName DoesntMatter says:

      dumb maybe, but without knowing everything the writers did at all times you have no basis to claim it was lazy.

  17. RockismyAir says:

    I love that the latest videos are Mom, Daddy and now Baby.

  18. Nick Zardiashvili says:

    No sins taken off for almost every gunshot in the film amazingly synchronized to the music?

  19. [RN] Tobi says:

    *Do you like my car?*

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