Everything Wrong With Batman: The Killing Joke

Everything Wrong With Batman: The Killing Joke

An animated Batman movie came out this summer and many of you probably had no idea. Even so, here are its sins… and they are plentiful. Stay tuned at the end for a special bonus.

Next week: ONLY ONE VID PER WEEK IN SEPTEMBER, ON HALF-VACATION. But… something classic you might have thought we’d never sin.

Bonus vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ryPJTQmgT8

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Julio Espinoza says:

    Where the hell is Everything Wrong With DEADPOOL!!!!

  2. Shiva Mungur says:

    I don’t get something what to be a Dc comics movie is a sins, they have the
    best animation movies

  3. THE CROW gaming says:

    ah, it’s a decent animated adaptation of one of the greatest batman comics
    of all time….at least, the last 40 minutes are

  4. 0Keerakh0 says:

    A female character is assaulted by a villain: “The writers really hate


  5. BlueRevolvur says:

    “Jesus do these writters fucking hate women”

    Umm did you just assume her gender???

  6. hardwire says:

    i was not going to thumbs this down but thanks to all the sjw bullshit i
    had no choice you understand ethics and all.

  7. uafc1 says:

    I guess a lot of feminazis must watch your channel for you to be spitting
    out all that SJW Bullshit…

  8. Shawn F says:

    wait. isnt batman like. 57 or older and barbara is like 34 or 28

  9. hardnewstakenharder says:

    What’s wrong with The Killing Joke? The original Killing Joke graphic novel
    was never that good to begin with.

    Come at me.

  10. Sam ytdjtdmhndfngfsahtmj says:

    4:45 wait.. so because it’s 2016, movie villains and murderers can’t have
    insults that may offend people? Does that mean since it’s 2016 we can’t
    have films about murder because murder is illegal? It’s not like the film
    is promoting his insult like it’s good. You’re supposed to hate him. This
    is the most stupid and embarrassing sin I’ve ever seen in your videos.

  11. mursie100 says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the asswipes who are against anything SJW, are
    actually the first ones to be severely triggered when gender equality
    subjects are brought up !

  12. Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage says:

    Off-screen Batman X Batgirl sex is worth 100 sins.

    That shit should be on-screen and uncensored.

  13. Candy Von Bitter says:

    Added sin:

    No woman ever would do ALL the physical activity that Bat Girls does
    without a sports bra. That is not a sports bra. It seems wired and that
    things can be risky. The moment the wire comes out in going to punch some
    lung or something.

    Petty as fuck, but if you are going to complain about the price of coffe I
    want to complain about her wearing pretty lingerie while expected to be a
    gimnastic in constant movement.

  14. Teddy Popitan says:

    make more feminist critique so more edgelords get triggered, thanks.

  15. Brendan Brady says:

    “The writers really hate women.” Umm.. did you not see her assault the guy
    who was having a fight with his girlfriend?

    *EDIT*- I feel like I need to keep clarifying this: I’m not saying that the
    inclusion of that scene was a good move by the writers, I’m saying there’s
    examples of sexism to be found against both genders so saying the film is
    misogynistic is cherry picking.

  16. juntakyle says:

    Its getting awfully social justicy in here…

  17. Cascaesque says:

    CinemaSins guy seemed like a real hardcore feminist in this video over very
    minor things.

  18. Deadpool says:

    Poking batgirls feet with a needle and saying “she’ll never walk again” is
    like if my doctor sticked a thermometer in my mouth and saying that I have

  19. Leon Davies says:

    3:42 Could be worse, could have his stone dick in his hand

  20. King Eclipse says:

    The prequel to The Social Justice League.