Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well, this video was inevitable. Most disappointing movie of 2016 so far? Probably. It’s the Terminator Genisys of superhero films. And yeah, sins out the ass.

Next week: There be dragons, captain.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Collin Hughes says:

    Superman can hear a dog whistle on the other side of the planet that’s how
    he knew where the gunshots Were

  2. SeniorRouge says:

    The animated WB movie of the same name is a far superior production (and
    that’s saying a LOT) … THIS movie is a dog’s breakfast… I wouldn’t
    watch it on my most boring day ever,.. sheeesh

  3. Gang Squad says:

    Sin #36.. How did Bruce and Alfred build all that shit by themselves? I’ve
    always wondered that too.?

  4. Jaxell1 says:

    the last line lex said is explained in the extended version of the movie

  5. Mayra Moronatti says:

    Do Suicide Squad & X-Men Apocalypse!!!!!! :D

  6. Awesome Sloth Gamer says:

    Superman has this thing when people look at Clark and superman they look
    different, like a cloaking system

  7. Sonic Gear - Productions says:

    I love DC comics, call me a DC fanboy or whatever you want, but this movie
    was shit, it was so rushed and it went down the drain. Not a big fan of
    marvel comics but the marvel movies are way much better than the DC ones.

  8. Jethro Boey says:

    It’s finally here.

  9. Paul Eugene Hill (Funnystuff) says:


  10. CJ Rocky says:


  11. Paul Taylor says:

    I would have taken a sin off for Wonder Woman’s intro and theme music.
    Probably two.

  12. Colin Silver says:

    -1 Sin: Batman could build that batcave with autonomous robots, which he
    could build himself.

  13. Sniperx01 says:

    At 1:30 It is a yellow light for “batman” yet cars are going the other

  14. Paulo Pires says:

    What a fucking stupid vídeo. CinemaSins é full of shit.

  15. MudkipMan 75 says:

    Well, I’m gonna go watch civil war

  16. Britain Reynolds says:

    Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck

  17. Chel X says:

    Lmao as much as the sins are somewhat accurate, I live for the endings
    ???? those voice overs are everything ????

  18. Sakura says:

    the next movie is either gone have batamn ssving supermans body until a
    magical object is gonna apper and revive him or superman bevomes a zombie
    and he was just regenerating or some thing.

  19. Zephi Pakpahan says:

    am I the only one who actually really fucking enjoyed the film?

  20. OnEiNsAnEmOtHeRfUcKa says:

    Personally I kinda liked Eisenberg’s Luther. I mean, it wasn’t very fitting
    to the original character, sure, but it WAS one of the only parts of the
    movie I found entertaining, so y’know. Props.

    Shame they cut out that one scene at the end with his brain ghost dad ‘n’