Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Well, sh*t. Disney went and finally made the most unnecessary remake ever with Beauty & The Beast. Shot-for-shot remake with a few crappy new songs tossed in. Thanks, but no thanks.

Next week: 2 sci-fi sins vids. One old-er, one new-ish.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Maridia Monroe says:

    Oh good Lord, the autotune they used in this movie is awful. Like, fuck, if Emma Stone wowed us with her singing in La La Land (which by the way, had it not been for this trainwreck, Hermione would have been the lead–*shudders*) then this is just miles behind.

    Also, fuck the behind-the-scenes row leading to that stupid dress. Fuck it right in the ear.

  2. Lupus & Arc says:

    I’m surprised the didn’t sub the very much underwhelming dress that not only pales in comparison to the animated version but also many cosplayers. Even worse it was entirely Emma Watsons fault as she was given complete creative control over the dress and ruined it. It sucks cause not only does Emma Watson clearly have no knowledge of costume design but she also completely fucked over the actual costume designer

  3. XxHeartbrokenxX says:

    100 sins for Hermione Granger being in it. πŸ˜›

  4. Robin says:

    I rated this movie 6/10. Hermione is nice and all, but she’s no Belle. There’s really a lot of unnecessary singing, and they done fucked up by changing some from the original. Some scenes that were really powerful/emotional from the animated was just bleh here (e.g. Beast’s reaction when Belle came back towards the end.)

  5. ktms1605 says:

    Everything wrong with Donnie Darko.

  6. Chase Tona says:

    Seeing this movie torn to shreds is better than sex

  7. TheDarkCrafter says:

    Contrary to what people who said or hated this movie, I throughly enjoyed it.

    Edit: I’m not rly a fan of disney princess movies so I probs won’t enjoy the orig as other people do, but i still am a fan of this one

  8. Drama Queen says:

    “That’s bookcist.” -CinemaSins 2017

  9. itz enrique says:

    What I really fucking hate about this movie is when my theater opened it, lots of parents just dropped off their kids so the parents could just drink and leave the kids there. There was 3 fucking babies in the movie!!! BABIES!

  10. Bradenplier vlogs & gaming says:

    I don’t hate these movies. I LOVE THEM!!! I just want to see how he reacts to them. OK?
    Everything wrong with:
    Lady and the Tramp 2
    Emoji movie
    Oliver and Company
    Shark Tale
    Bee Movie
    Shrek 2
    Shrek 3
    Sponge out of water
    Spongebob movie
    Shrek 4
    Puss in Boots
    The Smurfs 2
    The Smurfs: Lost Village
    Roadside Romeo (Indian film made in Diwali 2008)
    Ben 10 Alien Swarm
    Delhi Safari (on Netflix in English. Directed in India)
    Over the Hedge
    Madagascar 2
    Madagascar 3
    Monsters v. Aliens
    All dogs go to heaven 2
    The croods
    Cats don’t dance
    The Lorax
    Stuart little 3
    Space Jam
    Wreck it Ralph
    Despicable me 3 (when it shows up)
    Cars 3 (When it shows up on DVD)

  11. Lord Spaggedis says:

    Everything Wrong With the Hunchback of Notre Dame ( By Disney)

  12. SairaDragon says:

    Can we get an everything wrong with the Hunchback of Notre Dame by disney?

  13. Red_Ties 365 says:

    And then they all die in the French Revolution! Yay!

  14. Savannah Harris says:

    I’m so excited for that fateful day when you do The Emoji Movie XDXDXD

  15. End Credit Reviews says:

    This is a soulless cash grab of a movie that panders to the SJW crowd, Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

  16. David Kreiger says:

    At least the prince wasn’t 12 this time…

  17. Amanda Marshall says:

    Emma Watson was better as hermione than belle imo

  18. Ladondorf says:

    You forgot a few Sins.

    1. The decision to make this movie Live-Action makes everything worse. You have to sacrifice casting good singers to make sure everyone looks the part. That and all the beauty and scope that can only come from Animation is removed. Look at how drab they made the enchanting Library, for example.

    2. Emma Watson’s obvious terribly done autotuned singing is obvious.

    3. They decided to put a million dancing and singing extras in the “Provincial Life” scene even though the point of the song is how small and boring the town is.

    4. So there are a few pretty rich looking Black Civilians in the town sequence, which would lead you to believe this movie is trying to portray an idealized fantasy version of the 18th Century, without any of the poverty, slavery, etc. Moments later, however, the movie tries doing some commentary on how it wasn’t socially accepted for Women to read back then. Then, they tack on some unnecessary backstory about Belle’s mom dying of the Plague.

    So is this supposed to be bright, colorful, idealized, fantasy 1700’s France or dark, gloomy, depressing, realistic 1700’s France?

    5. On that note, most of the film is pretty silly and cartoony, which gives this movie even less of a reason to exist. Literally the only thing that sets it apart from the Original, other than the odd new Musical Number here and there, and the fact that it’s worse, is the fact that it’s Live Action. So why not go all the way? If they’re going so far as to make it this unrealistic, it might as well be a Cartoon.

    6. So it looks like they decided to make the Beast more attractive by giving him a human nose, which completely destroys the point of the narrative. That being that looks don’t matter, and true beauty lies within. Maybe they did it to rationalize why Belle would fall in love with a hideous monster, but again, the point is that she fell for him for his heart, not his looks.

  19. WeNeedLives Productions says:

    Am I the only one that actually loved this movie

  20. Luckyplayer 1807 says:

    I can’t wait for him to roast the fuck out if the Emoji Movie.

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