Everything Wrong With Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Everything Wrong With Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Like its predessor, Rise, we loved this movie. Still has sins. Ape-y sins.

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Next week: A recent action flick, and a very UN-recent animated movie.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. Adam Henderson says:

    The Phil Collins/Tarzan part was the best… I was sitting there thinking
    that the whole time. Props for proactively reading my mind.

  2. Skar Leom says:

    germans can speak english xD ich bin der lebende beweis

  3. Jesse Booher says:

    Yes!!! You’re finally doing an animated movie again!!! I sure hope it’s
    Dreamworks or Disney or atleast just something I’ve seen!!! Hoping for

  4. the personalitist says:

    This videos comments
    40 percent germans claiming they speak English(good for you)
    10 percent people bashing Germans for speaking English
    30 percent people complaining about sins not besing real sins
    15 percent saying how much they loved this movie
    4.99 percent saying movies they want to see next
    0.01 percent thanking Jeremy for this awesome video.

    Thank you for this awesome video! I am totally going to go see this movie
    now. Out of all the youtubd channels i watch yours are the only ones i can
    say I check at least three times a day waiting for the new vid. I love what
    you do and please keep doing what you want and tell anyone who doesnt like
    it to fuck off. Have an awesome day!

  5. Tobias Wolf says:

    Wait, did he just say we Germans are monkeys…

  6. TheMeelickMafia says:

    bout time you uploaded something you lazy person.

  7. Alexei Lozada says:

    Sin 91

    Half life 3 and Portal 3 confirmed!

  8. Protector of the Republic says:

    This movie has so much stupidity in it. It’s annoying. 

  9. Dimitri T says:

    Do fury

  10. Bentus0000 says:

    You know……i just realized…..that guy looks like evil male shepard 

  11. ///frostbitegaming/// says:

    Guys in the scene where the apes are about to attack and he readying a
    kid’s riffle for dramatic effects it was shown that they had a MG-19 semi
    automatic grenade launcher! couldent they just casually spam that shit in
    the fight?

  12. Brookz HD says:

    The sin counter has the same noise as a baby milk advert:0 wtf

  13. ///frostbitegaming/// says:

    And guys wait if Coba already figured out how to crash the tank into the
    wall why dosent he just uses the tank in the whole entire movie where
    fighting humans are shown

  14. Rami Mikati says:

    This movie was a major disappointment. Cliched and boring with flat human
    and characters (Koba and Caesar were the only interesting ones)

  15. James Kane says:

    Didn’t the Gold Gate Bridge Incident happen in X-Men 3, not X-Men 2?

  16. drakeunderscoremason says:

    Everything wrong with The 10th Kingdom! A fucking 7 HOUR LONG MOVIE!!!!

  17. Joshua Bellis says:

    Why didn’t Caesar use his spear when jumping onto the bear?

  18. Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

    do Everything Wrong With Masters of the universe and/or Orgazmo!

  19. The 3rd Pigeon says:

    0:19 I think you mean X-men Last Stand

  20. Okocha119 says:

    Pretty much every German that didn’t totally fail their education knows at
    least decent English. Bad comparison!