Everything Wrong With Hellboy In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Hellboy In 16 Minutes Or Less

Hellboy. Yeah, you don’t know what it is, I don’t know what it is… yet it’s a comic AND a movie. So we sinned it.

Thursday: Lonely sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. jegsimmons says:

    grenades are not firebombs, their concussive and fragmentation. fire or not
    she would be in millions of gory brutal pieces if she used them

  2. Chris Gibson says:


  3. Matthew Aldridge says:

    I wanna see EWW astroboy and the quick and the dead please

  4. MarineHulk says:

    Do Everything Wrong With Taxi Driver

  5. Kirk Zuraff says:

    Losing your edge, dude.

  6. Allison Nusbaum says:

    My silent demands are answered!

  7. Hazey Dreams says:

    The Hellboy movies have been my all-time favorites since I was 8.
    This video cannot change such things.

  8. Chase Helmer says:

    I remember seeing a trailer for this, not thinking much of it at the time.

  9. Chase Dooley says:

    Everything Wrong With Nymphomaniac Vol 1.
    Everything Wrong With Nymphomaniac Vol 2.

  10. TheQueenofSpuds says:

    Oklahoma area code huh?

  11. Perry Young says:

    Watch it in slow motion

    You’re welcome

  12. Layla Abdush-Shaheed says:

    Why are people always hating on New jersey?

  13. Jose Arroyo says:

    Is it just me or does anybody thing there should be a “Everything Wrong
    with Starship Troopers”?

  14. Sterling Rutherford says:

    will you ever sin deadpool?

  15. Aerö Dark says:

    Expositional rambling

  16. Justin Fencsak says:


  17. Marsable says:

    “16 min or less” “17 minutes and 34 seconds”

  18. E3ECO says:

    Do Game of Thrones!

  19. KP8 says:

    Can you sin The Truman Show?

  20. Stracof Zero says:

    Wait…I supposed than Rasputin was the “two blade” power ranger ninja nazi