Everything Wrong With Hitch In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Hitch In 16 Minutes Or Less

This movie is… kind of offensive. Full of sins as well.

Next week: feel-good sins and feel-good sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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78 Responses

  1. truly tiff says:

    Jeremy… i love you. Never rap again.

  2. AverageMiqo says:

    I don’t care what everyone else thinks. This movie is fantastic!

    • laahquan says:

      No cap ?!

    • Glenn Davey says:

      Yeah buddy, you do you. Even if everyone says poison is bad for you, you don’t listen to them, you drink it anyway. Screw all the losers who don’t think exactly like AverageMiqo

    • AverageMiqo says:

      +Glenn Davey Wtf are you talking about. I just said I enjoyed the movie even tho I know some people hate it. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit

    • RonnyDonny13 says:

      this soyboy fag that narrates these EWW videos lost me when he said mysoginy. this movie has a point. many women still are hypergamous. they will not even look or consider dating an overweight guy who doesn’t have a great career and makes a lot of money. hence the line in the movie (haven’t seen it in ages) where Will Smith says something along the lines of “I just help women get out of their own way to see what a great guy like Albert is”.

    • Shammy Ib says:

      +AverageMiqo u gay

  3. Cuyler Barnhill says:

    Except Hitch is redeemed. At the end he pretty much says all the stuff he said at the beginning is bull. “First rule? There are none.”

    • LeviathanLP says:

      Yeah, I honestly thought the point of the movie was that you should just be yourself. That’s how Kevin’s character ends up getting married, all the dumb cute stuff he does in spite of Hitch’s advice is what made the woman fall in love with him.
      Plus that’s the whole issue with the stupid red pill thing. You have to live your life knowing you’re only with someone because you decided the trim was more important than your integrity and self-worth. You fall asleep and wake up with it at the forefront of your mind every day, that you’re living a lie and if you let her know who you really are and what you sacrificed to get her in your life, it’ll all burn down around you and she’ll see you as nothing more than a monster and a sociopath. How do you live with that?

    • Cuyler Barnhill says:

      +DrVoyager thats not what he meant when he said that, and you know its not.

    • Jamie says:

      +LeviathanLP Yeah Hitch seems a lot like the pickup artists that are in the manosphere.

    • Johnathan Rivera says:

      He says “basic principles”. Not “first rule”

    • Cuyler Barnhill says:

      +Johnathan Rivera you right, you right.

  4. StuntzMcKenzy says:

    It’s sleazy to touch a woman on the small of her back ON A DATE? 8:08 I could understand not groping her but if a touch on the lower back is a problem. I’m gonna start giving women shit for all their knee and leaning on me touching.

  5. Smokey McJoint says:

    Jesus, Jeremy has been virtue signaling a lot recently.
    You want people to know you respect women but it comes off as if you are trying to cover up for your own sexism. Are you worried that some woman is about to accuse you of something or what?

    • Glenn Davey says:

      Grant Mickelson Homophobia, Incel alert… THIS is your level of “banter”??? Hey 2004 called and wants its banter back, also the word “banter”.

      It’s going to be 2020 soon and you are NOT ready for the world that’s coming hahaha.

      Ohhhhh dear.. thanks for the chuckle… Grant Chuckleston…… used the phrase “uggos and fatties”. Has definitely never touched a breast.

      This was too perfect. Screenshotting for reddit

    • Glenn Davey says:

      People who hate minorities are becoming the minority, so I expect the suicide rate to continue climbing…

    • Grant Mickelson says:

      +Glenn Davey I’ve slept with more women this week than you have or will in your entire life. That should be okay with you though given your…unnatural proclivities. In any case, for someone who doesn’t have any time for this you sure have a lot of time for this. Making you not only degenerate, dull witted, inferior, and childish, but also a hypocrite. I despise hypocrites personally. Stand by what you say, Glenda.

    • Grant Mickelson says:

      And just to hammer home the point, this will be my final response :^) Carry on, you boneless little weasel. And don’t worry…I’ve prepared just fine for the future.

    • Melek Seyam says:

      It’s not that deep stop your conspiracy theories

  6. Cyantology says:

    I usually watch these because they’re funny. Your white knighting in this video isn’t funny. Put down the Fedora and step away, sir.

  7. Johnny King says:

    It makes me happy that he didn’t save the Eminem thing til the end. ?

  8. Jhereg Jones says:

    Cinema Sins, the same people who sinned scenes for NOT containing a lap dance, are calling out sexism, ?

  9. Lost Legend says:

    Please do Everything Wrong With My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

  10. Maggie Foster says:

    Colored in Kevin James hairline?
    Not necessarily a sin…just curious.

  11. John Hadley says:

    Snarky CinemaSins > Woke CinemaSins

  12. Robert Paige says:

    Your rant on the apology scene was spot on… Except for the part where you completely left out the context of why Sara was apologizing: She exposed him as the Love Doctor not because she thought he was a sleazy grifter (which he is), but because her friend was hurt by the “Want to get laid” guy from earlier and she thought WTGL guy was acting on Hitch’s instructions. She found out she got it wrong (and that she was a horrible journalist) and then Apology. Hell, the real sin in that scene was Hitch taking her back after she nuked his career on basis of bad info (though he does call her out on it first, which makes their reconciliation even more ridiculous)

    I realize this means nothing to people who’ve never seen the movie. But to those that have? This is as sloppy a take as Eva Mendes’.

    • BlueMageDanny says:

      Either way, the fact that both of them hook up at the end is idiotic.

    • Statalyzer says:

      Yeah the movie didn’t “make women apologize for being difficult to attain”, it had one woman apologize for trying to destroy someone’s career based on flimsy evidence that turned out to be wrong.

      The only sin is Hitch being dumb enough to keep dating her after that.

    • Scorch 215 says:

      that sin really annoyed me because not only did she nuke his career but she destroyed the relationships of everyone who hired him and some of those people looked to have been married for some time. She hurt a lot of people with what she did.

    • Animation Airlines says:

      Can you make “Everything Everything wrong with Everything Everything”

  13. gustavo burda says:

    That Eminem tangent made me laugh out loud so hard

  14. Squeaking Lion says:

    Hey, don’t rag on this movie! This movie taught me everything I ever needed about dating and getting women, and that’s why I’m still single and desperate and wishing I had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day and shut up and pass me the box of chocolates…. sigh….

    • Constantine Soldatos says:

      I would but I ate the box… *throws a chocolate on head instead*

    • Gaming Goof says:

      I’m pretty sure three dates could in fact lead to sleeping with someone but you’d need more contact in order for it to be a meaningful relationship unless you are really charismatic

  15. baconfromhell666 says:

    Their biggest mistake was not painting Will Smith blue.

  16. The Geeky Gardener says:

    College me used this movie as dating advice. …. Now I realize why I didn’t get married until I was 30.

    • Glenn Davey says:

      I had already worked everything out fortunately, by the time this movie came out, and I just had to laugh at it – like, “life doesn’t work this way at ALL”. But I feel bad for all the men out there who have been taking their cues from Hollywood movies, and all the poor women who had to deal with their creepy behaviour.

    • GBDupree says:

      But the whole point of the movie is that all of Hitch’s advice is BAD, and all the guys got with the girls they wanted for other reasons/or being lucky. Using the advice just means you weren’t really paying attention.

    • Glenn Davey says:

      +GBDupree Yeah, and this is CINEMASINS where the whole point is to tear every little thing apart. Go back and read Roger Ebert if you want a real movie review. Or else ask for your money back from CinemaSins…

    • GBDupree says:

      +Glenn Davey Did you mean to reply to someone else? Because what you wrote has nothing to do with my comment. I never mention anything about cinemasins and only talk about how the movies ends saying all the rules and advices was bogus.

    • Glenn Davey says:

      GBDupree I promise no-one wants to talk to you “Dupree”

  17. ourWorld Lucy says:

    *P A R K E R*

  18. nigerianprincess101 says:

    Can I sin this review for aggressive white rapping

  19. KStephenson says:

    What d’you mean this movie is offensive? There is literally no point where the movie advocates for even disrespecting a woman, let alone being a selfish tool. The cheeky 4th wall breaking introduction sets up Hitch as textbook, suave-only-for-the-first-15-minutes stereotypical arrogant bachelor, and the movie proceeds to unravel that facade and give sufficient backstory to explain the origin of his Hitch persona. This movie about a supposed Don Juan actually in the end isn’t even a movie about romance, but rather a character study about an insecure man trying to better himself in two distinct, separate ways, and which of those two processes actually reveals a better, more human character. Hitch is not perfect, it’s not even close to my favorite movie, but attacking it for being insensitive or misogynistic belies a complete lack of understanding of the motifs and morals of the movie that are very, very clearly laid out for anyone willing to honestly look for them.

  20. SteveN says:

    Wait, after your spiel about sexism, you’re going to assume that _he’s_ taking _her_ to a Knicks game? She even explicitly asks him earlier, “are you a Knicks fan,” and you comment about his reply of, “when they’re good.” (8:50)
    She’s clearly taking *him* to a Knicks game, and I’m officially sinning the CinemaSins channel for this.

    • Pretzel Stick says:

      You’re right, it’s sexist to assume that the man brings the woman places. Clearly she brought him to the party, and only someone rich like her could afford front row seats like that.

    • RonnyDonny13 says:

      Never noticed that. Nice catch. Million sins for soyboy cinemasins narrator

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