Everything Wrong With Planes In 15 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Planes In 15 Minutes Or Less

This movie is really bad.

Thursday: Action sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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62 Responses

  1. S4BER says:

    _Never wanted and watched this movie._

    It doesn’t look appealing at all.

  2. poketdoom says:

    Funny, i was thinking about planes last week and thinking about how forgotten it was

  3. Albert Mitchell says:

    14:38 As you can see on the far left there is an Airbus a380 with only TWO engines!
    Like if you noticed it too.

  4. Thefethette Star says:

    Everything Wrong With Planes: Everything.

  5. Ethan Chan says:

    Who are the crop dusters dusting the crops for?


  6. Arda Bilgin says:

    “Did that plane just get a stiffy?” No, he got a propell-er

  7. Bf 109 F2 says:

    Why don’t they move up their gears? It would reduce drag greatly.

  8. Aselar says:

    Note: the insisting plane was more mexican than spanish, clue is ln the green colour

    With love: A spanish

  9. Goggles Tigerkhan says:

    One of these days i’m expecting him to open a video like:

    “This exists.” *+100 sins*

  10. S Sapphire says:

    The plane in the thumbnail looks like he’s enjoying himself a little too much

  11. Gacha Portfolio says:

    12:33 is so funny “and I’m not a cab driver I’m a coffee pot ???

  12. Speedy The Hedgehog says:

    And now we wait for him to realize that there’s a Planes 2.

  13. Sammi Pilch says:

    CinemaSins going from “lapdance” sins to “No means No” sins is character development that deserves a sin off.

    • balrog0444 says:

      @Zain Chupacabra “No means no” isn’t a Social Justice thing, it’s a Basic Decency thing, and should be addressed.

      It’s the extremists who think hugs and jelly bean jokes are sexual assault that are the problem.

    • Zain Chupacabra says:

      @balrog0444 We come here for comedy not a lesson in social justice.

    • Hoodsonbr says:

      No lapdance in your comment. *ding*

    • balrog0444 says:

      @Zain Chupacabra Correct. So why’d you bring it up?

    • Zain Chupacabra says:

      @balrog0444 What the heck do you even mean? I’m saying the former is funnier, and we come here for comedy.

  14. Ness Wednesday says:

    14:28 “I learned a lot more from you, than you ever learned from me”


  15. JC Holmanation says:

    Ooh a new idea, Boats, an average fishing boat dreams of racing with the speed boats and somehow manages to win the big race. I’ll take my cheque now Disney.

    • RaggedPizza 1895 says:

      What about trolleys, your average shopping trolley goes into an illegal underground trolley racing cup. He learns friends and falls in love with the nice lady who walked him around Walmart,married her and had three gorgeous kids.
      The end 🙂

    • iam 57311 says:

      I think I saw somewhere that Boats had actually been an idea…

    • Suzette C. says:

      You know, it almost happened. Thank God the Planes franchise crashed or we would have Boats, Trains, and Unicycles.

    • iam 57311 says:

      Oh gosh. At this rate, the only possibility is maybe a Cars 4. Maybe. Then again, I haven’t researched anything from this franchise since 2017 with Cars 3.

  16. He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy says:


  17. Corn ت says:


    “And I’m not a cab driver, I’m a cOFFEe pOt”

    ?all right

  18. Josua Erick says:

    Next: “Everything wrong with Planes: Fire and Rescue” please

  19. Chester Ivy says:

    “Did the plane get a stiffy? I think the plane just got a stiffy” classic cinemasin

  20. VoiceOfAmerica [VOA] says:

    Not “it’s the whole Japanese fleet” it’s “oh my god it’s the whole ENEMY fleet”

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