Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Part 1

Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Part 1

You’ve asked for it for years. Finally… we went looking for sins in The Phantom Menace, and boy do we regret it. So many sins we had to split them into two parts to avoid causing any sin-related overdoses.

The above video is Part 1. Part 2 is here, ya’ll: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8ea7OiaLWo

Next week: Some stuff and some things.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. cartmann94 says:

    3:06 “It could also mean you didn’t pay the phone bill”.

  2. TheSilver312 says:

    I don’t mind this movie or the other 2 prequels at all, think about it this
    way, These new movies bought a whole new generation of fans into loving
    Star Wars, just because you don’t like it and shit was advanced doesn’t
    mean they’re bad. Yes they had kid themes, but If they didn’t I wouldn’t of
    probably watched them and love all 6, not to mention all other StarWars
    related stuff.

    So fuck off you elitist bigot cunts.

  3. Tom Campbell says:

    Don’t you fucking sin Darth Darth Binks.

  4. Timmy Turner says:

    yousa big dudu

  5. Ethan French says:

    I thought Revenge of the Sith was a good movie, does anyone agree with me
    on that?

  6. Nicholas Caplette says:

    Please do “A Few Good Men”

  7. IKMNification says:

    8:55 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (79% on Rotten Tomatoes)
    And it even falls into that kids movie that’s also for man-children.

  8. Feshiylife says:

    I liked the prequels. Fight me

  9. Octet Fan says:

    Is Anakin a human? I thought this took place long ago in a galaxy far, far

  10. LegendOfZeldafan666 says:

    obi wans ponytail iscactuly a padawan braid that all padawan with hair
    normaly have. it is cut after they reach rank of Jedi knight

  11. Wuler says:

    This movie was OK, just kind of boring, but I still liked it. The second
    and third are still 10x better.

  12. Bluecho4 says:

    There are so many ways Qui-Gon could have gotten the party off of Tatooine
    without having to involve Anakin at all. All of them could have been
    accomplished within mere hours of landing, so they never would have needed
    to know that Anakin is Force sensitive.

    One, Qui-Gon sells the ship that they have, allowing them to buy a cheaper
    ship. Two, Qui-Gon sells the ship they have to purchase seats on a
    transport headed for a planet where Republic credits are accepted. Three,
    Qui-Gon shops around to more than one merchant, knowing that the merchant
    they went to has every reason to lie about whether or not anyone else in
    the city has the part they need. Four, Qui-Gon shops around to someone
    willing to trade Republic credits for local currency, so they can just buy
    the part they need and leave. Five, Qui-Gon continues negotiating with the
    merchant on hand, suggesting that they take him with them to Republic
    space, where the merchant will be compensated at triple what the part is
    worth in whatever currency he likes.

    Instead of any of those plans, Qui-Gon goes with the stupidest, most
    unnecessarily risky plan: bet on a child winning a pod-race, putting their
    only sellable asset as collateral, in a sport that is known to be dangerous
    and may get an innocent child killed.

    This is our “wise” mentor figure, people!

  13. George W says:


  14. Midnight Masterball says:

    I will never understand the hate for this , episodes 2 or 3 I like them
    more than the original trillogy

  15. Sinera says:

    100 sins for Jar Jar Binks? Unsubscribed.

  16. Kaila Weinzinger says:

    Ice Age (The first one) has a scene of Sid the sloth stepping in poo

  17. Lukas Gigler says:

    Love all the Plinkett-References people are making here :D

  18. Roxas13XIII says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t hate the prequels….

  19. Builder Bob says:

    Why does everyone hate Jar Jar? i always liked him ;-;

  20. INFERNABeast 04 says:

    dude really your kinda of ruining a movie and pointing out all the little
    things pluss in al honesty why did you start ding this its kinda dumb pluss
    allllot of poeple would disagree with you on how you think its a dumb movie
    no affence but i think you should stop doing this