Everything Wrong With The Empire Strikes Back

Everything Wrong With The Empire Strikes Back

No movie is without sin!

Thursday: continued assault on your childhood.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. 11ammas says:

    4:50 – The point is that any naval officer should have known not to come in
    that close without being told.

  2. NinjaPokeProductions says:

    There’s books?!

  3. WHOz AK47 says:

    Size doesn’t matter but what about mass?

  4. Black Imperial says:

    Could you do beast of no nation

  5. Ninh Nguyen Backup says:

    Can you do a sins video on Minions?

  6. GeekJokes says:

    i think you should remove a sin at every star wars movie just because of
    darth vader’s voice actor

  7. MrAmchuk says:

    considering how heavy the at-ats are, they would stomp through several
    layers of ice, which would provide all the traction they need.

  8. Shelby McMillan says:

    I surprised that there wasn’t a Shrek swamp reference at the end when R2-D2
    looked through the window

  9. AllPartOfThePlan100 says:

    The reason obi wan sent Luke to Tatooine was because Darth Vader doesn’t
    like sand.

  10. Ryan H says:

    For the prequels bonus round extra bad CGI shots.

  11. JanPospisil42 says:

    Snow jacket Leia is indeed by far the sexiest Leia. Well argued.

  12. ryback tall says:

    Ant man please,ill pay you a dollar

  13. CopCaptain Tybo says:

    In answer to sin number 75: The space slug feeds off the mynocks (Creepy
    power sucking thngs, they’re in the movie!) like the sarlacc, its insides
    do the work for them.

  14. Jacob Mullin says:

    Uh, guys, you added the remove sound but didn’t change the number.
    Does that mean it was more a pretend sin removal or was the editor a

  15. Prithish Srinivasan says:


  16. Severyn Baltos says:

    You sound like 30% more quiet

  17. AliasSLH says:

    its only racist because you say it is, i demand you stop using that line.

    found him using a tracking device, the watch.

    the hull is polarized like a shield so it would have to bust through the
    weakened power grid and damage a critical system, then go through the hull
    where they are at.
    90% 0f the falcon is habitable.
    go look at the challenger shuttle

    c3p0 is a liberal

  18. PigWIthGlasses says:

    There are books??

  19. DizzyTiger says:

    The reason people always get away with Hyper Driving away, even if their
    pursuer has a hyper drive as well. Is because with that hyper drive they
    could literally stop anywhere, the pursuer could go after them with their
    own hyper drive but they risk going too far, and rear ending the person
    they’re chasing at light speed. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure both
    ships and everyone on board would be dead.

  20. Zach Smith says:

    Make one on a Christmas special like Frosty the Snowman. I just watched it
    and there are a ton of sins in that short special!