Everything Wrong With The Incredibles In 10 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With The Incredibles In 10 Minutes Or Less

Yep. We went there. One of the best superhero movies ever, the best Pixar movie, and one of our top 10 favorites… The Incredibles. Those of you who complain we do too many bad movies… this is for you.

Next week: Something recent, and something not-so-much.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. 09Meeshell says:

    Bob/Mr Incredible got paid a lot of money for his first trip to the island
    that’s why he bought cars and stuff

  2. thecoockooguy says:

    my biggest sin to this movie is they foreshadowed a second and never ever
    released it :/

  3. nintendoboy17 says:

    You forgot the 86th sin… the sequel to the film is only a video game.

  4. etereo15 says:

    …you don’t put label on something you have built. Half the sins are just
    terrible this time.

  5. evan boucher says:

    Do the green lantern!

  6. NFITC1 says:

    I love this movie. I love your channel. But about a quarter of these sins
    have reasonable explanations that the movie just didn’t hand you on a
    platter. If it did you would have sinned that anyway.

    I also loved that you took a sin off for Dash running on the water and just
    let that scene speak for itself. :D

  7. Ian Mortensen says:

    A little late to critic the incredibles?

  8. 0MikematicOnUTube0 says:

    By far the best Pixar movie in my opinion.

    But to think the only reason he hasn’t been working on a sequel until
    recently was only because he was working on…. Tomorrow Land….

  9. thesilentranger says:

    +CinemaSins Somewhat disappointed in not pointing out that Mr incredible
    being sued for saving a man that was trying to commit suicide. As far as I
    know attempted suicide is a felony.

  10. nyanbarq says:

    you should have done the jack jack special also

  11. Joe Soria says:

    The principal did allow Mrs. Incredible to see the film what are you
    talking about?! 

  12. aqib zubayer says:


  13. America Solorzano says:

    Is a Disney Movie who cares about all the things you said? 

  14. Skyrising says:

    I Love This Movie!

  15. scottmac1974 says:

    Dude wheres my car sinner 

  16. Vellsace says:

    Cinema Sins crosses all types of lines ?

  17. Legolou12 says:

    This is my all time favourite Superhero movie! However, I see all of the
    points you made.

  18. Dr. Obvious says:

    So Elastigirl… If she is not happy with the size of her ass, why doesnt
    she just change it? and maybe blow up the chichis a little.

  19. fnaf 2 Gamer says:

    Make a video about avengers 2


  20. Alexander Perrett says:

    8:01 XD no words needed