Everything Wrong With The Ring 2 In 18 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With The Ring 2 In 18 Minutes Or Less

Several years after the very-good The Ring, already an American remake of a foreign film, they released The Ring 2. It’s terrible. I have no qualms saying that. It’s awful. It’s everything horror sequels SHOULDN’T be. So we sinned it. You know, in honor of the upcoming “Rings” sequel/update/reboot/whatever.

Next week: Animated sins, and sins of a action film.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. SomeRandomGuy says:

    I’m early, let me think of a joke…

    Our President

  2. Marcos Amparo says:

    If you’re looking at this comment, then you will die in 7 days. I might be
    lying though. Like the comment to be safe just in case ?

  3. BSpicer5 says:

    Do Scream 2! Everyone like this so he can see!

  4. ZenRhinoMMA says:

    STOP putting “in X minutes or less” because you are almost always wrong.
    You have control over the title of the video and yet you put “in 18 minutes
    or less” for a 19 minute 4 second video. So I got to give you a sin for
    that – again.

  5. Frisbee says:

    I’m early, let me think of a joke…

    Read more

  6. dmrc43 says:

    plot twist.

    the ring represents marriage in the modern age.

  7. Raximus3000 says:

    Who want a grudge VS ring film?

  8. Ryu Hacco! says:

    So… is Rings technically The Ring 3?

  9. Pilotdog Plays says:

    When the army of deer came up, they should’ve just said, “Like a good
    neighbor, Statefarm is there”

  10. HypeSkull says:


  11. Khinzaw Thein says:

    You said “nye-an” cat. “ding”

  12. Eduard Veseli says:

    The deer looks so fake

  13. SkyCommander says:

    Me, I’d just wait beside the TV with a shovel do some stretching and as
    soon as that water logged bitch has crawled about halfway through the TV
    …WHAM!!!! and then I’d change the channel to Honey Boo Boo and tell

    “I’ve done worse than kill you, I’ve hurt you and wish to go on hurting
    you, I’ve buried you alive in the heart of the most cancer inducing show
    ever devised. Buried alive, buried aliiiive.”

  14. LeeLee Cee says:

    they should at stopped at the ring

  15. heavy boss 809 says:

    next everything wrong with moana

  16. Nathan Flannery says:

    “Nye-anne cat” That pronunciation made me chuckle.

  17. Aditya Vishwakarma says:

    oops I said ‘well’ in front of Samara…gotta stop doing that.

  18. Amanda Poblete says:

    The only way I dare to watch scary movies

  19. Lexi 'Babydoll' Barrow says:

    better one for 31: Wes Craven called. He wants his nightmare back.

  20. MrElionor says:

    I just came here to say there is a ring 2?