Everything Wrong with Trendy Restaurants

Everything Wrong with Trendy Restaurants

Hope you’re not hungry!

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Waitress – Jocelyn Deboer
Man – Mike Trapp
Woman – Michele Love Santoro

Director – Matt Enlow
Producer – Michele Love Santoro
Writer – Mike Trapp
Cinematography – Skyler Rousselet
Editor – Thom Newell
Graphics: Sabrina Curry
President of Original Content – Sam Reich
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer – Spencer Griffin
Director of Production – Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production – Michael Schaubach
Art Director – Tricia Robertson
Production Coordinator – Shane Crown
B Camera Operator – Aaron Pagniano
1st Assistant Camera – Tomm Jacobsen
2nd Assistant Camera / DIT – Nathan Krauss
Gaffer – Jonny Strellman
Key Grip – Justin Raths
Art Assistant – Cody Holland
Swing Grip – Chad Harrell
Production Sound – Kevin Rosen-Quan
Motion Graphics – Sabrina Curry
Post Production Supervisor – Evan Watkins
Post Production Manager – Stephanie Zorn
Head Assistant Editor – Phil Fox
Production Legal – Karen Segall
Production Accountant – Shay Parsons
Assistant Production Accountant – Chetera Bell
Assistant Production Accountant – Giles Moffett
Production Assistant – Garrett Harris
Intern – Alec Khan

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20 Responses

  1. RunningRugby4 says:

    shit like this is what shows you that your culture has not gone hungry in a
    while. if you were to offer such frugal amounts to a greek, for example, he
    would be offended. it’s the same with most other countries that have seen
    widespread hunger within the last 50 years.

  2. Ali Kemal Herguler says:

    “There’s one item on our menu that’s fucking enormous” Seriously, what
    kinda waiter/waitress uses “fucking” word in front of customers?

  3. William Phillips says:

    2:00 Illuminati!!!!!!!!!

  4. Christian McKenna says:

    Dang I would just order a happy meal get a great burger with fries,
    chocolate milk and one badass toy. All delivered in that sweet ass box with
    the smiley face.

  5. ethan landry says:

    Illuminati on his menu lol

  6. ianliwaalwijk gamer says:

    2:03 menu…


  7. Yee Macghyee says:

    Fancy restaurants, Less for more. Fucking rich people XD

  8. Morgan B says:

    Did anyone else see the illuminati sign at 2:01 ?

  9. IDontKnow HowToYoutube says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t notice the innuendos?

  10. westerley_joy says:

    went to one of these, vid’s quite accurate – except for rabbit poutine

  11. ItsEmily says:


  12. Django Sibilia says:

    Anybody else notice something special at 2:00? (in the video)

  13. Cyan StarFox says:

    Omg I saw the illuminati sign on the menu! My theory was right! Fancy
    Restaurants are involved with them!

  14. Victor Pax says:

    A squab is a baby pigeon btw…

  15. matt lam says:

    fuck fancy restaurants
    i am eating KFC

  16. Griffin Thomas says:

    2:00 Look at the menu it’s the illuminati!!!

  17. Appelero 6 says:

    Look out for the iluminati menu…

  18. Evelien Loukavich says:

    That chick’s forehead though…

  19. patrickkirkbymusic says:

    i love this kind of humour, very funny guys

  20. Frittatas says:

    this so so freaking true