Everything Wrong With Unfriended In 13 MInutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Unfriended In 13 MInutes Or Less

“What about a horror movie where 95% of it is kids’ computer screens?!” “Brilliant!!” And Unfriended was born. Here are its sins.

Next week: robot sins and super sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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86 Responses

  1. Mr. Roboto says:

    This movie is basically 13 Reasons Why, except with a 1-2 hour total runtime, and Skype instead of Walkman tapes.

  2. LadybugMambo says:

    My tech friend while watching this video: “I’m gonna have to sin his sinning! That’s not buffering video. Buffering video wouldn’t move. The video’s corrupt, which can happen a lot with live video.”

    • Aestras says:

      LadybugMambo Not so much corrupt as is is just missing key frames. It’s kinda like buffering, but instead of stopping to catch up, it just tries it’s best to keep going and is a common misnomer. Captain Disillusion has a cool video on it if you’re interested in more info about it. I think it’s generally called “data mosh” or similar.

    • LadybugMambo says:

      Aestras Missing key frames is a corruption. A common misnomer is still wrong, just commonly wrong. Datamoshing is the effect the studio put on the film but not what would be happening on Blaire’s screen were this a real event, which was how he was sinning it. And as for Captain Disillusion’s video, I’m good.

    • Michael Klump says:

      TehBirdman has a channel on CinemaSins sins.

    • maskath says:

      So does CinemaSins Sins

  3. SMGxPrincess says:

    AND we’ll soon be rewarded with Unfriended 2 coming to a theatre near you tomorrow…with Jake Paul as the lead character…. Kill me now.

  4. AkiraSlayer says:

    For some reason the fat dudes death always makes me laugh the way he shoves his face on those blades and makes that weird face.

  5. Betsy Benisek says:

    The thing that makes me sad is that this movie has an amazing concept, but it wasn’t executed to its full potential

  6. Relle Wilson says:

    Idk why I think they did this movie already…….

  7. Tal pretli says:

    He said since their suicide was on
    April 12 2013 on Saturday then her anniversary should be on Saturday April 12 2014, but it would be on Sunday not Saturday

    • Lantern Fireflies says:

      Tal pretli No, he just said that it happened April 12, 2013 and that the anniversary should be on a Saturday instead of a Monday

    • Howard Beale says:

      He didn’t say the suicide was on Saturday. He said it was on April 12, 2013, which was a Friday.

  8. Gabriel Johnson says:

    The title says 13 minutes or less but the video says 14 minutes or less.

    I want my money back.

  9. Sam Chiln says:

    A dead meat kill count and cinemasins in the same movie?!?! Gahhhhh am I one happy camper

  10. Tori Westbrook says:

    Blair and Mitch. M upside down is W. Blair and Witch…. Blair Witch… ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  11. Amy Nicole says:

    “Who still uses the *mouse* to select the copy function?” SERIOUSLY

  12. canebro1 says:

    You do know you can kick people out of a Skype call, right? Or walk to the police station? Or to a neighbor’s house? Nothing bugs me more than writing intentionally stupid people just to advance the plot.

    • scarlet night says:

      canebro1 1. They even tried installing anti-virus software on there computers, after everything else failed, and that only worked temporarily, then they lost their tech expert friend (the one who got killed with the blender) and 2. They would have died if they’ve logged out. So I don’t think it’d be that much of a stretch that the same would happen if they left the house

    • Caitlin Brewer says:

      Yeah but none of them tried screaming for help just unplugging the computer/wifi

    • Steets says:

      Idea: disconnect the call and download discord.

  13. Kyle Bear says:

    Shoot- I highlight and right click. Oops. Guess I’m old tho- 26 and still remember AIM xD

  14. Kamala Drake says:

    Unfriended 2 stars Jakes Paul.

    *How do you d e l e t the human race*

    -Edit- Shit I messed up, but in my defence, the casting list said he was in it so blame google

  15. Akshay Ravi Kumar says:

    Wow, all that’s missing is an *_”Unregistered Hypercam”_* watermark.

  16. Jeff LaFlare says:

    what was this movie even about

  17. Drift729 says:

    Solution: Discord

  18. MarbleTarble says:

    *I have a feeling that Monika was inspired by this movie*

  19. fahrenheit sounds says:

    It would’ve been good if the Rock was in it

  20. Radio Killed Music says:

    It needed more cowbell

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