Everything You Need to Know About ZOMBIES (Exclusive)

Everything You Need to Know About ZOMBIES (Exclusive)

We’ve got the exclusive scoop on everything you need to know about Disney Channel’s new movie Zombies!

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60 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    when you run out of ideas

  2. Gabby Little says:

    When u run out of ideas what?

  3. Nicholas Reyes says:

    So in other words DISCRIMINATION yay Disney

  4. Bryan Otero says:

    This is a movie who would only exist in Grandtheft auto

  5. Shad Shade says:

    So people with dyed hair are zombies? Wtf

  6. Chlo Bug says:

    Green hair = zombie ????

  7. will tor says:

    I thought the walking dead just ruined zombies by turning them boring, but damn disney you’re doing it even worst
    do you remember those times when zombies use to be scary ?

    • Colin Stoutt says:

      Ethan Finley yeah but if we’re being scientifically reasonable a real zombie will most resemble a zombie from the walking dead.

    • No One Important For You To Remember says:

      This comment pisses me off because you used WALKING DEAD, one of the greatest portrayals of the zombie apocalypse if it were to happen, as an example of a bad zombie depiction. Ever heard of World War Z?! Is has 60 something on rotten tomatoes!

    • Colin Stoutt says:

      No One Important For You To Remember right! The walking dead zombies are the most scientifically realistic portrayal of zombies ever to be in film or television.

    • Janice Grailmer says:

      It’s a movie for children, calm down

    • Brandon Aquino says:

      Adryanna Arnold “its a good movie they make shows and movies and shows” LMAO stfu kid

  8. Alyssa JMT7 says:

    *trending with 5.1k views…*
    yeah okay youtube

  9. Shomit Mian says:

    How is this trending lmao what

  10. Adryanna Arnold says:

    this movie tells a very important thing and that thing is everyone should be included no mater what and everyone has feelings

  11. shahida islam says:

    I wanna die

  12. Katelyn b4 says:

    This is basically a modern representation of segregation

  13. Matt Gates says:

    I’m starting to think Disney half-asses EVERYTHING.

  14. Nichelle hart says:

    These so called zombies look like some joker minions or something ??

  15. Paputsza says:

    This is terrible. So at some point there was a zombie outbreak, that changed nothing about a person other than turn people’s hair green?

  16. draft galosa says:

    it’s a modern day analogy of letting terrorists enroll in our high schools. got it.

  17. neal evans says:

    There Zombies?

    Are they sure there not just Joker cosplayer?

  18. Real Cheesy says:

    It’s official the zombie genre is dead. George Romero died for this……..
    Help us Asians, you’re our only hope.

  19. TT says:

    I just can’t right now

  20. Cody Whitlock Sun says:

    Videos like this give me hope that one day I can trend too.

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