Exciting iPhone 11 Leaks & Round Apple Watch!

Exciting iPhone 11 Leaks & Round Apple Watch!

iPhone 11 Leaks Are Ramping Up, Latest Features For 2018 iPhones, Triple Lens Camera, iOS 12, iPhone SE 2, Round Apple Watch 5?

Last iPhone Leaks: https://youtu.be/u75cO2C0DV8

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76 Responses

  1. Joseph Holy says:

    So will smartphones just keep adding lenses until they fill up the whole back of the phone or if not at what number of lenses will they stop adding more to a single 📲

  2. ElijahMillerVlogs says:

    anyone know where i can get that red chair at?

  3. Anton Animations says:

    Curved edges?

    Samsung did it first

  4. Matthew Ledford says:

    These leaks are so wack

  5. Ironically says:


  6. NintendoNerd says:

    I think we can say that all the concepts look better than the final product

  7. Dylan Good says:

    Circle Apple Watch is one SEXY Design

  8. Abhimanyu Garg says:

    I got a Samsung Galaxy S9 add before the video.

    • Ninja Nelson says:

      Abhimanyu Garg Apple really ain’t that much different from Samsung honesty. Don’t know what’s the big stir up?😅

  9. Samer Khatib says:

    I don’t care how weird the phone would look, i’ll take a triple camera lens

  10. c137 says:

    where is minh chi quo (sorry if i spelt it wrong)

  11. Aidan Hobbs says:

    super disappointed that they’re not gonna branch into the triangle apple watch

  12. Suppanut Saengratwatchara says:

    Don’t say the person is uneducated, say non-tech savvy instead. Uneducated sounds too bad.

    • Smotan says:

      Uneducated about tech.
      Non-tech savvy
      I would go for the first one

    • Brian M says:

      Suppanut Saengratwatchara Well these are iPhone fans he’s talking about.. Uneducated is a better term. Just observe next time you go to a burger joint or a Walmart nearly every burger flipper and check out operator has an iPhone and believe me, they can’t qualify as being educated. 😉

    • Y. Bakshi says:

      Lel. I feel he’s talking of Indians 😂😂

    • DaveK183 says:

      For a person buying a 800 dollar phone, not knowing anything about it? I would say even stupid.

  13. Akshay Ramkumar says:

    Wait a sec…..The iPhone x had the brightest display of 800 nits???But the note 8 had a display 1200 nits….How does that make the display of the iPhone the brightest??

  14. Qadir Bess says:

    Nice phone looking forward to getting one

  15. Pranav Jore says:

    How you got the money to buy all iPhones……🤔?

  16. Nolan Butler says:

    I phone from 2030 the whole back is cameras

  17. Frost Pixel says:

    Apple: Would be a shame if SE 2 would never be a thing >.>

  18. sai Naresh says:

    Where is 9

  19. Silent Assassin says:

    Is that OnePlus 6 on the background?…

  20. TechTubeLearning says:

    LG G7 ThinQ ❤👍

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