Exclusive: Lamar Odom Talks Sobriety & Kardashians

Exclusive: Lamar Odom Talks Sobriety & Kardashians

Lamar Odom opens up in an exclusive interview about his sobriety, addiction, the Kardashians and how he’s rebuilding his life.

Has he spoken with Rob Kardashian? Would he take Khloe back? Would he ever do reality TV again? Find out what he only tells Wendy.

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20 Responses

  1. Jhenka says:

    He was VERY strong and courageous for doing this appearance, not many people with his past would ever open up this way! I respect it honestly

  2. QueenDanii says:

    ok I LOVE how Wendy was TRYING to be shady at the Kardashians but ODOM put that to rest… Wendy you tried but epic fail… Wendy listen, sometimes being SHADY just is NOT where it’s at… I know your good at what you do but can’t you just have ONE just ONE interview WITHOUT throwing shade?
    I’ma still watch but tone it down.
    Lamar, I’m glad your getting healthier and REALIZED your part in this. also I’m GLAD you won’t let nobody talk bad about Khloe because YOU KNOW she has a heart of Gold. Going your separate ways might be BEST and NEVER forget she had your back. The worse type of situation is when people grow apart and BASH. Your mature and so is Khloe.KEEP IT THAT WAY. REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES YOU HAD. and the reason y’all spilt. and DONT make that mistake for the next love you have.. The best is yet to come from this second chance you BOTH were given.

  3. Mona S says:

    I’ve just always really loved him. I remember watching his show with Khloe and instantly liking his personality. He’s just so kind and humble. I hope he stays clean and sober and stays away from that trash family ❤️.

  4. Maltar Pedro says:

    In as much as Wendy acts all tough,deep down she’s kind and a woman with a soft heart especially for Lamar.Ever since news broke out of Lam being admitted in hospital she’s never failed to mention it on hot topics. Throughout this interview both of them really struggled to keep a straight face.And he looked like he had been crying.Wendy really cares for Lamar and I know she, just like some of us wish him all the best.This was by far Wendy’s most emotional interview this season.God bless you Lam.We still see the best in you. You were down but not out.❤️❤️

  5. Saved By Plants says:

    I just wanted to hug him, you could see how tough that was for him, hats off to your Mr Odom 🙏

  6. Marlena Atene says:

    “every one of you has gone through a hell of something, Does it start with the Mom?” LMFAO!!! Wendy is too much

  7. Dee Greer says:

    This really made me tear up a little…. because God really has this man for a reason

  8. Ruth Wakonyo says:

    who is as happy as i am seeing Lamar?

  9. Obey Amma says:

    He said “no” with the quickness😩

  10. Gagging4it says:


  11. Lil Durk says:

    Everytime I see Wendy cry I start crying. Lamar looks very good and handsome. I’m glad he got it together.

    You can tell Wendy has true emotions when someone struggles with addiction.

  12. Diamond Teff says:

    Crying, Lamar is a good dude, hope he meets the right woman to uplift his life some more…

  13. Stephanie March says:

    Rob and Lamar needs each other, some relationships must carry on even if others don’t! I hope they can get back right with each other. Just Rob and Lamar, no one else!

  14. Natalie Gayle says:

    Wendy is digging for shade when it come to Kardashians!! Leave it alone Wendy he hasn’t got nothing bad to say about them! Talk about him and him alone!!

  15. Princess says:

    Tears of joy now for Lamar Odom. God is good!! All the time!

  16. MonaTheBellydancer says:

    The kardashian curse is real

  17. Shantée Nicole says:

    he denied the toxicology report 😐

  18. kittyboo2121 says:

    Who else cried during this interview? 🙋

  19. aimeek1236 says:

    You can tell throughout the whole interview he was trying to hold back tears.

  20. Michael Ferreira says:

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