EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Truth About His Reaction to Lady Gaga at Globes

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Truth About His Reaction to Lady Gaga at Globes

The actor’s face took over the Internet Sunday night — he explains!

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20 Responses

  1. Eminem Stan says:

    Wow is lady gaga still a thing in 2016? I thought we left her in 2009

  2. Muhammad Keita says:

    Click Bait alert

  3. pain517 says:

    title makes it seem like leo is about to talk some mad shit about lady
    gaga, but this really?

  4. maiko livelo says:

    the media just making another convo thats it

  5. Xsound RealSight says:

    he Didn’t Give a Shit And I’m fkn Glad About it…Gaga Just wanted to take
    advantage of the Moment..

  6. caroline jordan says:

    To succeed in life, you need two things: confidence and *(I G R O C K E T D
    O T C O M)* its all about success

  7. D Alcabasa says:

    oh leo

  8. theo2008hk says:


  9. Tooty Futts says:

    0:34 Fist pump or high five? WHICH IS IT??

  10. nutsafloppin says:

    I just didn’t know was passing me, I was like woah! lol. me too

  11. Alex Supertramp says:

    He was just practicing for Oscars.

  12. SAHLISS says:

    0:35 jeez how awkward

  13. Sipher says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is a dick in person I remember when I saw him when I was
    13 and he just push everyone out the way .. but then again he probably had
    a bad day.

  14. unknown person says:


  15. AmatoTomato says:

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    everyone who does!!!!!! were new youtubers from newyork!!! please help
    support ! :)

  16. Holly Huffstutler says:

    That’s right Leo, you have to be On all the time…or whatever imagined
    faux pas will trend before you even get to the after party. Christ, what a
    weird job.

  17. Chris Martinez says:

    Leo is the man son

  18. elchoya100 says:

    I cant stand the so called movie stars today,but DiCaprio has that dashing
    movie star image of the golden age of Hollywood of the 1930s and early 40s
    that makes him one of my favorites,nothing phony about him.not
    egotisticle.one of the great movie heroes today,bar none!

  19. Cristian Manuel Bohada Castro says:


  20. Gábor Sütő says:

    0:35 – The most embarrassing moment of a man’s life.