EXCLUSIVE: Remy Ma & Fat Joe

EXCLUSIVE: Remy Ma & Fat Joe

Remy Ma and Fat Joe talk “Shether”, Nicki Minaj, the Grammys and being back on top!

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20 Responses

  1. Vanessa Mayfield says:

    you’d be on top too if you had no competition!

  2. Tori Black says:

    ???I can’t lie the best part about this interview is Fat Joe’s body language, the awkwardness he seems to feel having to sit there with 2 women plus the women in the audience gossiping. This is exactly how my brothers be looking if they happen to be around when me and the girls are going in about another female. Its like he’s uncomfortable being apart of the convo.. ???

  3. Elyscia Saint-Hilaire says:

    remy using nicki name for a come up. get outta here

  4. Ese Milan says:

    Remy is so fucking lucky! Papoose held her down and Fat joe never switched up on her. I need people like that in my life.

  5. Stephon Jackson says:

    Nicki Minaj is a classic narcissists and a thief. Her music is wack too.

  6. Jessica Torres says:

    Queen Remy Ma!!! Remy is the level of pettiness I aspire to be!!! lmao I freaking love her!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tysheen Orane says:

    I’m not a fan of either of them but I didn’t like how Remy ma treated my daughter at the airport. My daughter was a big fan of Remy. smdh

  8. Rachel Kash says:

    Remy is beefing with herself lol she is starting to look lame now cause Nicki is unbothered

  9. mary jane says:

    lol she said Hannah her real name is Miley haha

  10. greg parch says:

    This is so spicy I had to fake an emergency call during a meeting. I´m currently seating in the bathroom stall with earphones on.

  11. Wicked Beauty says:

    You can tell Nicki isn’t humble, she thinks it’s all about her, and she treats a lot of ppl like garbage. But she not gone come back with a diss for Remy because she has nothing to say and she not bout it.

  12. kabwayaa says:

    I can not wait till Safaree shows up on Tuesday !

  13. Sheta Belle says:

    Best Wendy interview ever!

  14. Shae Li says:

    For all the people who said nicki is “unbothered” ummmm so why she going off on people on twitter and trying SOOO hard to look “unbothered” just makes her seem so FUCKING BOTHERED!!!!!!!!!

  15. Live Life says:

    I’m #TeamRemy ? I hope Rem does Nicki like 50 did Ja

  16. Boris Johnson says:

    Wtf would Remy be doing at the VMAs, AMAs, Billboard etc. she ain’t stopping you sis….you just weren’t invited??

  17. Toasted says:

    “Never speak ill of the dead” LMAO just smashed Nicki again

  18. Lovely Sister says:

    It’s sad that the young generation think Nicky minaj is a rapper?????????…these kids know nothing….Nicky wants to be the only so called female rapper….but only kids are buying her music…that’s why they troll hard for her….and only the ADULTS know better…we know who’s real ….Nicky Minaj is NICKELODEON rapper….remy is STREET!!! #themoreyouknow

  19. Biffy Coach says:

    Wendy is an instigator???

  20. MrSoulshock44 says:

    nicki is evil, lil kim tried to warn us but y’all called her a hater

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