Expectations vs Reality: Friends

Expectations vs Reality: Friends

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We all have an idea of what we want friendship to be. I mean c’mon your friends are the most intelligent, supportive, kind and responsible human ever, right?! Well, sometimes we’re delusional. Let me show you!

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to keep smiling =D !

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20 Responses

  1. Maheen Ahsin says:


  2. Simmy In Da House says:


  3. Jelymar Raices says:


  4. The Diamond says:

    ok is this 1 collab or 4 collabs already done ?

  5. Loulwa Arnaout says:

    Dat intro is beautiful ?

  6. SuperWomanSidekick says:


  7. VickynotVicki says:

    SWOOZIE?!!!! I mean great video ?

  8. diamond2.0 says:

    i was laughing my head off in the first part.

  9. VLicious8704 says:

    This was so hilarious, oh my word… I loved it! I cracked up at the WiFi
    password and the selfie, but that friend zone killed me! 

  10. Roaiba rahman taniza says:

    in that birthday wish her new was totally spelled the wrong way ?

  11. Jasmine__x says:

    This was awesome!! I bet the bloopers are hilarious…;) xxx

  12. Lisa says:


  13. Sabah asly says:

    Girl what’s your hair care routine

  14. Megan Alderson says:

    I pressed thumbs up as soon as I heard the friends theme tune. Literally.

  15. Stabilizin says:

    last 2 were on point

  16. TheAverageJo(seph) says:

    I wish our selfie game was that on point. Usually I’m like “Take it again,
    my face is a dead potato!”

  17. Niell Horen says:

    the only good thing about this video is their teethj

  18. Filmmakingman ! says:

    Literally my life!?

  19. Jasmin dhejdhrb says:

    “I love you” hahahhahahahah omg

  20. Medha Srivastava says:

    selfie part was soooooo true!!