Experiments with DanPlan

Experiments with DanPlan

Since this is a hard time for everyone, no one should feel pressured to donate. However, if you are in a better financial situation, please consider donating to Feeding America: https://www.feedingamerica.org/
The clips with friends in these videos were recorded before social distancing became a serious issue here (in Canada), so obviously I won’t be able to record with my friends for a while. If you have anything you want me to try at home alone, let me know and I’ll try it.

People in video:
Nelly – https://www.instagram.com/nelfather/
Theo – https://www.instagram.com/kimchi_kardashiann/

Editing Assistance: Elias & Elisa

Thank you thank you thank you to those who were waiting for me to come back, and I’m so sorry to those who were disappointed in me or about the whole drama. I wish it could’ve been different, but I know we can’t cry over spilled milk. Hope you all have been well, here’s to a new chapter(?). Cheers.

Power Balance Bracelet Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gIMxjr3n5U
Energy Bracelet Commercial: https://youtu.be/mv_NK_qSgfU
ABC news on balance bracelet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7cDRkhdkUg
Channel 10 news on power bands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEcr-qciTsw
Dalgona Latte Recipe: https://kimchimari.com/dalgona-coffee/
News drama article on balance bracelet: https://www.wired.com/2011/01/nba-lawsuit-power-balance/

TheFatRat – Rise up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-2DGYNXRx0
TheFatRat & Anjulie – Close to the Sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJuGlqO85YI
Blessed – https://www.purple-planet.com/
Music on Youtube Creative Studio: Bab Tista, Can’t lose a friend if you have no friends, Carol of the bells, Tis the season, Late night drive, Soul train, Seven twenty, right here beside you, bro time, bright eyed blues, cats searching for the truth, Invitation to the Castle Ball, Salute to a new beginning, Summer symphony ball, walz of the flowers.

Business email: djgreenapples@gmail.com

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62 Responses

  1. YourHistoryAnimated says:

    As long as its not in my generation i think its stupid”

    *Guess im stupid*

  2. Smoky Tau says:

    “I’ll come back with a smile”
    – Dan

    I’M SO GLAD!! I’m legit smiling so freaking much ❤💕 I love you Dan!!!!

  3. Broken Heart says:

    Is anyone gonna talk about his computer background, it’s magical

  4. Olivia Disko says:

    The fact that this whole fight has affected a whole community, but Dan has finally came back and still cares for us is nice. So Dan, welcome… and stay safe.

    Edit: Omg, Thank you everyone! 😍

    • Kayko Kirigo says:

      @Olivia Disko I don’t trust him YET, he broke my trust. 1. They shouldn’t have let this out to the public and 2. People are `just glad the channel is back` but it’s not back, it’s not danplan without Stephen and Jay and everyone

    • Wee Daaa says:

      Kayko Kirigo if he is in only for the paycheck, then why didnt he stick to animations? He could have easily recruit new members, make them do stuff stephen and the others did, i mean is not a hard character to really execute. So I disagree with you.

    • Wee Daaa says:

      Kayko Kirigo by “they” you mean Stephen right?

    • Kayko Kirigo says:

      @Wee Daaa I mean the whole squad, and honestly It might have been mostly Dan and Stephens fault with letting it all out

    • Kayko Kirigo says:

      @Wee Daaa maybe word got around that he is a dick, idk. Lol. And no one wanted to work for him. Maybe he didn’t wanna ask for new employees yet because he doesn’t wanna prove me right. Lots of possibilities

  5. Amel the Arctic fox says:

    Ignoring all the drama, this is actually a really funny and wholesome video.

    • tornakasi . says:

      I want them back..

    • Amel the Arctic fox says:

      @tornakasi . I doubt it’ll happen with Hosuh joining the military, and Dan and Stephens fight. Even if Dan was in the wrong, The video was entertaining and I hope to see more of it.

    • tornakasi . says:

      @Amel the Arctic fox yeah i know. Its horrible that good things come to an end. They were my favourite Youtubers. They actually made me genuinely laugh. Sad that I’ll never experience it again

    • Amel the Arctic fox says:

      @tornakasi . It was a bit of a bad end, but hopefully this video means Dan will keep making content. And i’ve already rewatched most of his old videos multiple times anyway.

    • Anime Devil says:

      @tornakasi . same here, I was quite the loner and bad at socializing but watching their videos made me laugh and so happy to the point that I felt better and actually tried socializing using their channel to start conversations and make friends😭

  6. Robert Blake Frogoso says:

    Me: Going To Sleep
    Also Me: *Sees DanPlan Post a youtube vid*
    Dan Plan: “Welcome to DanPlan Season 2”
    Me: I miss hossuh

  7. Janis Lee says:

    daniel, i can see that you’re actually really distraught and anxious coming back, but i want you to know that i’m so so over joyed that you’re back!!! im proud of you for fighting your fears to return to something you love <33 i dont mind that you're doing vlogs now because i love this channel for it's humor, not specifically the animations. i can't wait to see more vlogs from you and to watch you truly enjoy making content as a creator <33

  8. Banana Boi 96 says:

    Yo say what you will about dan he doesn’t watch tiktok so he’s a good guy in my book

  9. giselle_bacon 1003 says:

    Im just as happy as everyone else to see Dan. Smiling like crazy.

    But is no one gonna take about his friend’s (Theo) C A K E in 8:32

  10. Cassiemations says:

    Me:that’s it he ain’t coming back
    Me: *Confused screaming*

  11. Ashirya S. says:

    Bro wtf literally yesterday I remembered this channel and was reminiscing over their old videos. They used to be my favorite channel. I was thinking about how they just don’t post anymore. What a wild coincidence it is that daniel posted today. I know I’ll never have that danplan I loved back, but I’m excited to see what’s to come.

    • GameBoy 1337 says:

      Ashirya S. Yes I loved the Gameshow Danplan too but maybe after Hosuh comes back from the military there’s going to be Danplan again real Danplan . Hosuh Steven and Dan that would be so cool

  12. SepticNova says:

    Okay, I’m glad he’s able to restart because I actually love Dan, I love all the boys and miss them together, but I’m glad they’re able to do their own things

  13. Lelei Mizuki says:

    Hopefully we can one day see those “discarded videos” when everyone is on better terms

    • Anime Devil says:

      I agree, even tho their separated Daniel and Steven are funny as heck but i really hope that they make up so we can finally watch those videos and so that the entire danplan community can go back to its former glory 😭

  14. N Marc says:

    Also dan came back with a smile as he said he would

  15. PutYourMilkBeforeYourCereal Cult says:

    Me: *thinks Daniel will never post again*

    Daniel: *post*

    Me: my depression is cured

    Edit: am not mad at u for the drama it’s not ur fault it’s nobody’s fault 😀

  16. daydreamer 07 says:

    Danplan: posts

    Me: HOLY SHIT *clicks at the speed of light*

  17. helpfulreaper 768 says:

    Hosuh: 2 yr military work

    2 years later

    Hosuh: swole af

  18. flusteredbird says:

    my friend Dan, who had been assumed dead, texted me this: “I lived bish”

  19. Ritaki says:

    Everyone: **talking about how happy they are to see Dan again**
    Me: iS ThAt bObA I sEe iN tHe cOfFeE?

    But fr I’m also happy to see that Dan’s back

  20. Lmao u good? says:

    Dan: *”Hi, I’m back”*
    Me: Welcome back, we missed you.


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