[Explicit] A clip from You Have to F**king Eat, narrated by Bryan Cranston

Get the full version for FREE at: http://www.audible.com/eat

Emmy award-winning actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Malcom in the Middle) follows in the exasperated footsteps of Samuel L. Jackson, giving voice to the long-suffering father whose indifferent child will just not eat in this hilarious follow-up to Adam Mansbach’s international best seller, Go the F**k to Sleep. You Have to F–king Eat is available free through 12/12/14.

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19 Responses

  1. Lucia Vavrovičová says:

    But.. we need to cook!

  2. Keebix says:

    who the frick is bryan cranston and why is everyone making suck a big deal
    out of it. this video is weird why are they cussing bad words in a children

  3. Jesse Jean says:


  4. Gustaf Farthinder says:

    I am so offended my this video. How can such an explicit video be allowed
    on the internet? Thankfully my country is being very progressive on this,
    yes Sweden is leading the way in censoring internet vulgarity. There is so
    much homophobia on the internet that it is hard for me, a homosexual man,
    to feel comfortable browsing. I think the governments should step in and
    stop all the harassing. When I was becoming a women (long story,
    friends!), I was getting insulted for my gender. We need the internet to
    be an equal space and I hope F! will accomplish this. The reddit.com
    website is very big supporter of F!

    ~Gustaf Farthinder, Moderator of /r/stophate, /r/protectgayinterent &

  5. Kim Demas says:

    made me laugh! thumbs up :)

  6. thefallout25 says:

    You have to eat, Brock. Here, take these flowers. They’re tasty, I promise!

  7. Tironside says:

    I can hear late 1970’s – early 1980’s Jack Nicholson narrating this in the
    back of my mind.

  8. hERooINe says:

    ….the amount of people who actually think this is a serious children’s
    book you’re supposed to read to your child makes me question humanity.

  9. Berta Lovejoy says:

    So this children’s book is full of swear words, promotes the neglection of
    children, as well as alcoholism? On top of that this is narrated by the man
    who’s famous for playing a drug lord. This is exactly what’s wrong with
    today’s society, children are growing up thinking that this kind of
    behaviour is okay. I’m not surprised to see that males wrote the book. This
    is exactly why we need feminism, we’re the ones thinking of the children
    and banning this filth!

    Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.

  10. ATCRyderX© says:

    Gold. Please show all your children, parents of the world. They *really*
    need to make one called “Stop Posting 50 pictures a day of your stupid
    little mutants all over facebook. The internet is for boobs and cats. We do
    not like your children.”

  11. ZeRoc1994 says:

    Personally, I see this as Hal, from Malcolm in the Middle, reading it but
    that’s because I haven’t seen Breaking Bad. Seems hilarious either way.

  12. ensta says:

    It’s funny because bad language and we can feel special as adults. 

  13. Christian Johnston says:

    Okay… THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN’S BOOK!! If you are to stupid to understand
    that, then you need to buried alive. The problem with society isn’t
    because of this… it’s because some of you people are stupid enough to
    believe that this is a children’s book even though it clearly states

  14. Julianna Moore says:


  15. Stefan Walker says:

    Oh my god everyone, it’s a joke, it’s not meant for kids.

  16. drillbit90 says:

    Berta Lovejoy if you for one second believe this is truly a children’s
    book, then you are mistaken it is people like you who are wrong with
    today’s society. Congratulations you win the prize for internet stupidity

  17. patchesdf says:

    Goddamn it daddy! I said I want some fucking pancakes or I swear to Kebler
    Toy Christ I will wait for you to pass out from one of your drunken stupors
    and crawl up your asshole with about 46 pounds of homemade C4 explosive and
    paint the walls with both of us! NOW MAKE SOME FUCKING PANCAKES!

  18. Trilby McTip says:

    Redditor here! I don’t know why kids have such trouble eating these days. I
    have never had a problem finishing my plate. I can usually put down seconds
    or thirds in most cases. I think we need to bring back spanking our kids. I
    was spanked and I turned out an alpha male and intellect (I’m a Redditor).

    – Trilby McTip, *Gilded* Redditor

  19. David Bomanci says:

    How dare this disgusting cis-male scum try to feed rape this poor innocent
    child! This is why I need feminism!