Exposing My Fake Friends **Yikes😬** | Jenna Davis

Exposing My Fake Friends **Yikes😬** | Jenna Davis

Hey guys it’s Jenna Davis! Sit back and enjoy me expose my fake friends! That’s right guys today I put some of my friends to the test to reveal if they are true or fake friends! Let’s just say things got very interesting! If you want to see more challenges, and pranks like this one please like, don’t forget to subscribe for more weekly videos.

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Jenna Davis – Not Saying Sorry (Official Music Video) **EMOTIONAL SONG💔**

– https://www.cameo.com/itsjennadavis


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennadavis/?hl=en
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@itsjennadavis?lang=en
Twitter: @jennadavis_5

About Jenna Davis
Hey guys it’s Jenna! I am a 16-year-old actress living in Los Angeles! You may have seen me on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home as Sienna (the girl with the crazy hair and adorable pug) & on Brat’s Chicken Girls, Netflix’s Treehouse Detectives, & more! On this channel, I want to be able to make your day brighter by creating content that makes you smile! For example, music covers, challenges, hauls, makeup/style, reacting vids, and original music! I wanted to keep this very short and sweet! But don’t forget to subscribe to join our growing family!

Also, thanks to IEditingX for &ItsFrida for the greenscreens!


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