Extra $1,000 Stimulus Checks JUST Approved!!! (EIDL Grants!)

Extra $1,000 Stimulus Checks JUST Approved!!! (EIDL Grants!)

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Here’s an update to the stimulus package (CARES Act) directly from the Senate – this bill was unanimously approved doubling the EIDL (Emergency Injury Disaster Loan) Grant Program.

The interim bill includes:
-$300 billion in additional Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding for payroll expenses (this is the forgivable loan program, but follow the video I made on pitfalls).
-$50 billion in additional EIDL money.
-$75 billion for hospitals
-$25 billion for testing

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58 Responses

  1. ed low says:

    I see approval for this and approval for that, but I ain’t seein’ no money.

  2. Mike Rende says:

    I applied at the very beginning of April and haven’t received anything yet, I know people that applied after me got something already. Any insight on as to why?

    • Larry Steiner Jr says:

      Me too I applied April 4th. I haven’t seen anything yet either. Got to email on the 14th. Just stating facts about the EIDL program and the PPP.

  3. Robert Spears says:

    Until I see the 1st payment I don’t care about any of this.

  4. Rėd._. Èćłìpse wolf says:

    I need to apply but obviously have to wait! I don’t need $10k just $1k so I can get by.

  5. JustPoe says:

    Talks about all this money, but I haven’t seen 1 cent, who’s getting all this imaginary money? 😩🤔😷

    • King Saul says:

      JustPoe me

    • Guerrilla Gaming says:

      Rich people and their large corporations already got trillions. The people get to starve

    • rustytr says:

      @Chance Whybark as long as you have filed your taxes in the past yes they got it out pretty quickly. My ex-girlfriend is lower wage as well and hasn’t because she didn’t file 2018.. go figure how that works right? 😉 Line cutters always want to break the rules but be included in the rules first when it suits them. I don’t play the game so I don’t really care but it’s interesting to watch this shit show unfold that’s for certain.

    • Karen Ramskog says:

      I haven’t seen anything either

    • Jacob Clayton says:

      I got mines

  6. Lou M says:

    You “could” get a $1000……tons of us applied in late March early April and haven’t got squat! We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Im pretty Rena says:

      Lou M for your business?keep checking your account like all day i recieved mines midnight Sunday

  7. Nina K says:

    This grant seems like a modern day mob. Loan..grant..whatever just sign here 😂

  8. Stuart Cogan says:

    I did get funded from the first round. I thought it was so random but the SBA came through.

  9. matt anthony says:

    People receiving second stimulus: yaaay Bill’s paid.

    People who haven’t received first stimulus: homeless will work for food

  10. Finders Keepers102 says:

    I received my $1,000 today, and I applied March 30th.

    • Finders Keepers102 says:

      @Tom Bodet I put one employee. Myself.

    • ramizism says:

      Did they extend a loan offer

    • Finders Keepers102 says:

      @ramizism I haven’t received anything about it. Also, they haven’t done a credit check either.

    • Green Giant says:

      Finders Keepers102
      I applied March 30th too, but haven’t gotten anything. They ran my credit this past Saturday 4/18, but no correspondence or money. I made the mistake of saying 0 employees, but when I called their info line I was told it would count as 1. Guess I need to reapply once they’re accepting applications again.

    • Larry Steiner Jr says:

      @Finders Keepers102 I got that same email on the 14th. I have not seen any money. I filed my application on April 4th.

  11. NoName Given says:

    I still haven’t seen any help/stimulus/money of any kind from government. I applied for everything. NADA/NOTHING!!!!!! and no updates either. They could at least say “screw you” outright so I know where I stand!!!!!

  12. movie info says:

    Title is a bit misleading. There is no “$1000 stimulus check”. Its grant money for small businesses.

    • Trinh Nguyen says:

      movie info That was what I was thinking.

    • Trinh Nguyen says:

      Doppelganger D Exactly and honestly how are these businesses going to survive without customers?

    • corthew says:

      @Seth Logan Its misleading because he’s not talking about $1000 stimulus checks. He’s talking about $1000/employee grants to employers.
      That will rarely be only $1000. Also, the title does not make it clear that this is for business even though the vast majority of Youtube viewers are not businesses or employers.
      Yes…The title was misleading.

    • Aamir Khan says:

      Work for e commerce stores ?

    • Meghan White says:


  13. Terry Askern says:

    Waiting on the first amount $1200 my goodness they say its being mailed the 24th i guess us all who are on ssi ss sds whatever we are the very last ones in line getting ours so how when are getting the second check??? I have gov ssi express card my goodness what a mess it is 😥

  14. The Wise Way says:

    I still haven’t gotten money in my pocket from the first round hahaha

  15. Rosie Simpkins says:

    So, just a suggestion. For the layman, starting the video using abbreviated terms is confusing. Using the full term the first mention during your videos would be really helpful. Since the general public is now stumbling upon your videos often for the first time ever.

  16. George - The Money Making Wizard [Weekly Videos] says:

    THE GOAT BACK AT IT AGAIN with another one!!! 🐐🔥🚀

  17. Joshua Triplett says:

    I received $5k for my EIDL Grant

  18. vazarus paytonas says:

    Imagine all the folks that started there own businesses when Amazon gave them 10k. Now they can apply for even more money. If you were fortunate enough to get a delivery truck for cheap (like a used uhaul) you could easily pay that off now.

  19. Allen Rednour says:

    BS I applied and was told my credit wasn’t good enough for the LOAN I only claimed 1 employee . I call BS waste of time .

    • Allen Rednour says:

      My point was that you were supposed to get up to 10k weather you got the loan or not .

    • Shabby Cat says:

      Wait. You have to have good credit to get the edl??? I work for Lyft and Uber. The two most crooked companies out there. I have shit credit and I tried to go back to work and surprise!!! I have to wait possibly weeks for a new background check. Lol. This is so fun. Maybe I’ll starve to death and then the suffering will be over. My daughter got her money. I and my daughter that lives with me haven’t seen anything. I tried to check it on the IRS website and hers says they can’t determine if she is eligible at this time. Mine just keeps saying they don’t recognize my information. 🤮🤬

    • Allen Rednour says:

      @Shabby Cat I don’t know how it works some people got it and some people didn’t it’s just like the lottery I guess

    • Allen Rednour says:

      All I know is that if you’re self-employed in this country you had better be an anal-retentive soul otherwise you have nothing coming the way I look at it they said whatever they needed to say to pacify people.if you tell someone you’re going to give them $10,000 that’ll shut him up

    • Allen Rednour says:

      The people in charge of our country are so out of touch with reality it’s ridiculous they have no concept of what it takes to live.

  20. angela prestwood says:


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