FailArmy Presents: Symphony of Destruction

FailArmy Presents: Symphony of Destruction

Hey guys!!! A lot of you asked for a destruction/explosion compilation so……here you go!! We gathered our best explosions, destructions and mayhem clips and added some music. Let us know what you think. WARNING!! R.I.P. HEADPHONES!!!

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20 Responses

  1. KurteousDerhen says:


  2. BoleC says:

    Jaa pierdoleeee

  3. Никита Диксас says:

    Ja Pierdolee

  4. david gomez says:

    all i wanted was to watch fails while jamming to megadeth, BUT NOO , you
    had to trow me boring clasic music smh

  5. Anothony Guerrero (The Guy) says:

    love the vids. but i think its time for a change in the ending theme. ?

  6. Willis Latu says:

    02:38 went eeeeerrrrrrrrddddddd on his face!!!

  7. Dusten Barefoot says:

    Awe no megadeath.

  8. Abdul K says:

    Hahaha.. 2:40 best one ;D

  9. TheOftler says:


  10. VintageRabbits says:

    I don’t like the music. I’d rather hear the original audio

  11. Sheldon September Divera says:

    2:57 Shit’s on fire yo!

  12. Ch1Frequency says:

    I expected the Megadeth song as background… but this is pleasant =)

  13. TripeX Foxshield (Titan) says:

    Symphony of destrcution? This is not megadeth duumbass

  14. lambypie100 says:

    Best LOL video i’ve seen for ages!!

  15. 0LionKiller says:

    Uhh I came for Megadeth

  16. Allesgut says:

    Lost faith in humanity again

  17. Александр Акимов says:

    Несите Премию Дарвина!

    Carry the Darwin Award!

  18. распаКУЙ says:


  19. Majqq12 says:

    this is not funny, this is fuckin sad

  20. Stian Elsbak says:

    Lets just all agree that blowing things up is the most fun a person can