Next up: Thompson.
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20 Responses

  1. suciolocopopono says:


  2. Zelousmarineinspace says:


  3. End My Suffering says:

    I looked outside, I don’t see a blue moon.

  4. unigod12 says:

    Are the animations just from World of Guns, albeit with a cellshaded look?

  5. bubby boy says:

    FAL is no match for the almighty Glock.

  6. alamrisa says:

    I used to rock the FAL in BO2 with ACOG. mid range mayhem.

  7. nagib rich says:

    what about the steyr aug?

  8. My Hentai Girl says:

    Holy fucking jesus
    It is back
    Oh my fucking god
    Praise lord Ahoy

  9. Luis Maiocchi says:

    That amazing editing and professional voice makes your videos one of the

  10. TheOrthonym says:

    How are these always so god damn fucking good?

  11. Atriedis says:

    QUALITY!!!! mmmmm ya thats the good fucking stuff. it’s so hard to find
    this sort of thing now.

  12. ATypical says:

    Do the FN Five SeveN next , Mr Ahoy.

  13. DerpyDude says:

    WHOA! You’re back? Dang! Been months!

  14. Simon Dunn says:

    The L1A1 FAL (British one) was one of the 1st rifles we learnt to shoot
    while in the ATC (air cadets) after the older bolt action Lee Enfield No 4
    & No 8, we knew it mostly as just the SLR.

  15. Youtube Commentator says:

    True definition of quality over quantity

  16. Legomanham e says:

    every time one of these shows up in my feed it instantly makes my dat

  17. Matías Aguayo says:

    I wonder, what if the FAL did actually fire the .280 british and was
    actually adopted by all NATO contries, including the US? Would it be more
    common today or would it still end up being replace by other rifles?
    What do you think?

  18. MC Xenon says:

    I have never clicked on anything so fast in my entire god damn life.

  19. Chief4Army117 says:

    Glad to see this series back Stu, great job on it as always! Keep up the
    awesome work!

  20. Sambou Jaiteh says:

    These videos are like going to the gym. They happen less than they should,
    and I feel a whole lot better after it happens.