Falling onto a Giant Water Balloon at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Falling onto a Giant Water Balloon at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Managed to squeak this upload into the final hours of June to make for a Giant Balloon June video! We’ve never filmed a giant balloon so slow. We’ve also never filmed from the roof of the house before. These two things don’t mean this was a good idea. Don’t try this at home. You could get an owwie.

Thanks to Vision Research for lending the Phantom v2640.
Falling onto a Giant Balloon at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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67 Responses

  1. Van Hendrix says:

    Imagine how cool things would look if our minds could process the world around us in such detail

  2. thebahooplamaster says:

    Wow, the lengths you guys go through just to make a YouTube video is pretty crazy.

    Just don’t die.

  3. hmm yes interesting. says:

    *_S C i E N C E_*

  4. My Mesuan says:

    I love slow motion 😁👍👍

  5. Ziggurat XYZ says:


  6. I'M A says:

    0:37 lols

  7. Holly Calvey says:

    You know what this means right?

    Now we need “dropping 6 foot water balloon off a building at 12,500fps”

  8. FunYun Frog says:

    What if it popped a millisecond before you landed on it?

  9. chu_ chains says:

    Dan’s eyebrows look like the eyebrows from angry birds like if u agree

  10. andrejoss475 says:

    3:40 For the Jump
    4:20 Slow Mo
    5:35 Another Jump
    6:15 Another Slow Mo
    8:16 3rd Jump
    8:35 3rd Slow Mo
    9:56 4th Jump
    10:22 Slow mo

  11. The Duo Finds says:

    We can watch this stuff all day! Where in Texas are you guys?

  12. Cybernetic Husky says:

    I can’t believe that you guys revisited one of your older videos will you revisit a couple more of your original videos or just this one?

    Edit:I know you guys have done the ball to Dans face I wonder if you would redo the video where you smash the tv might be hard to track down a mechanical but it would still be cool to see on and old and newer tv

  13. Repzhel says:

    I have a question
    If you film with 300000 fps and you take a laser beam and point it in front of the camera to a mirror thats 1 km away. Can you see a delay between the two laser beams? If yes can you guys do that. I thing that cool

    • The Friendly Insomniac says:

      I don’t know if you could do that but you can see the difference between the speed of sound and light (for example and in slow mo guys style if you “accidentally” blow something up and it’s far enough away you can hear/see the shockwave after la explosion[ also this means you can see a “silent” explosion ] )

    • Dan Brown says:

      Shifu Careaga there is a video filmed at one trillion fps on YouTube showing light passing through water, I could be wrong but is that not showing light moving?

    • The Friendly Insomniac says:

      Dan Brown
      Ehh, I’d say it’s more like light retracting but I guess it counts (sorry bout spelling)

    • Shifu Careaga says:

      at 300,000 fps. I’ll believe that when I see it. show me a vid at 300k fps

      I believe you are vastly understating the technical details of those experiments.

      So, show me an experiment with a single mirror, a HFPS camera, and let’s see these light beam racing.

  14. Der Finder says:

    Thank you Dan for everything you’ve done for this channel

  15. SlapNDash says:

    I feel like such a sheep clicking on a giant water balloon video because Gavin has mentioned how much people love them, but damnit I love them

  16. The Duo Finds says:

    Cheetos give me the runs. K?

  17. Oxters Pits says:

    Haven’t you done this like 5 times

  18. Canal Aleatório says:


  19. CodeRedCody says:

    I miss the daily uploads

  20. DD Frelons says:

    😮 😂 j’adore !!!!!!
    Bisous de France 🇫🇷

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