Fan’s ’93 Prediction That Chicago Cubs Would Win World Series in 2016 Comes True

Fan’s ’93 Prediction That Chicago Cubs Would Win World Series in 2016 Comes True

The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title since 1908. While Chicagoans in the Windy City jump for joy, it would be understandable if a man named Michael Lee were yawning. After all, he was the high school graduate who told the world this would happen in his 1993 yearbook quote. “It’s almost like he doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal,” Marcos Meza said of his friend’s prediction. “But this is his World Series. The Cubs won it because of him.”

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20 Responses

  1. fahad kwt says:

    omg omg omg

  2. Alex Garcia says:

    Time travel is real

  3. Andre Williams says:

    he’s Satan

  4. Elevated says:

    He probably watched back to the future 2 and just thought ‘hey i’ll change
    it by one year and make it 2016’

  5. Soul Lunar says:

    How is it World Series when its an American and Canadian sport. LOL FOH!

  6. Lethal Vibez says:

    2017 World Series champions Cleveland Indians you heard it here first

  7. shairo perez says:

    if my Orioles won there 4th world series since ’83, i will paint myself
    orange, wear my O’s hat with my O’s flag as an cape and run around
    baltimore in my underwear!!

  8. claud life says:

    So crazy!

  9. Mark Meza says:

    ayy he has my last name

  10. TheOriginalJAG // Just Another Gamer says:

    12am tomorrow will start
    you heard it here first

  11. Gisselle Martinez says:

    Is this proof that time travel exists?

  12. Ramo says:

    Why did he choose 2016?

  13. Frankie Cannon says:

    2020 bottle flipping is an Olympic sport. you heard it here for first.

  14. Cesar Lemus says:

    I predict that Mexico will win the US on November 11

  15. UNDEAD POPTART says:

    2017 the Indians will win the world series

  16. Henry Tsui says:

    It’s called a coincidence

  17. WSBS Juan says:

    my ass will burn in 2020 you head it here first

  18. JasonL77 says:

    I will drink a beer tonight. You heard it here first.

    Whoa, it really happened.

  19. Divine Dosier says:

    they look alike.

  20. Kenzie Layne says:

    15 minutes of fame? ✔