Fantastic Words and Where Not To Find Them | June 21, 2017 Part 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

Fantastic Words and Where Not To Find Them | June 21, 2017 Part 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

Part news, part performance art, entirely nonsense: we examine Trump’s bastardization of words and language.

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20 Responses

  1. Dark Days says:

    I have the best words…… A sentence which is brilliant when viewed from the perspective that this man so inherently dishonest and his every verb or action steeped in projection that he somehow manages to refute himself in the very same sentence with which he asserts his point.

  2. Star Friend says:

    What happened to words LOL

  3. Liemciemdk89 says:


  4. Ms Phoenix Warmwood says:

    That ‘Complicit’ video KILLS ME every time! **Dies laughing**

  5. Wonderweiss Heartfilia says:

    Wharton School of Finance = Scientist? Huh? Since when? And what does his uncle have to do with Nuclear?? Oh my head…

  6. frankbauerful says:

    To quote the great philosopher Butthead (of Beavis and …): Erher. Words…Words are cool.

  7. MsRedsphere says:

    “I cannot read the mind” of the incompetent, traitorous idiots running our country for Russian oligarchs.

  8. Trinidad Botello says:

    This is the most Pretentious 1960’s French movie ever.

  9. Marcus Chan says:

    Our future dystopian covfefe

  10. zenman5910 says:

    I have no words to describe Trump and his sycophant republican defenders myself. We need a whole new dictionary of cuss words to enhance feeling of disgust, and even those will still fall short. Every known english language curse word has an alternate positive meaning used in a different context, and these people have no redeeming qualities what so ever.

  11. Jedd Jong says:

    They’re only words, and words are all I have, to take your healthcare away.

  12. Jonathan Taylor says:

    Welcome to America, where words are meaningless and money is speech……….

  13. Lord LOC says:

    This was gold. Was anyone else trying to read Trumps speech at the top still while this went on? Amazingly sad. Bigly sad. Sadly bigly.

  14. The Stern Dragoon says:

    Trump has the lexicon of a third grade schoolyard bully with a recent head injury.

  15. Conker Squirrel says:

    *Shoker!!* Lose cannon barrack’s unpresidented tapp attak hearby sayed the Predisent’s “Rusher thing” is the covfefe tapes!
    Honered counsels bigly insticks sayed Predisent Drumpf payed too leightly chocke Rusher (unintelligible,) and grab them by the
    #ihavethebestWords (Trump flubs)

  16. Vivek Anand J says:

    Wow! Just wow! Incisive, factual, hard hitting AND hilarious! I think this is a wonderful gem of a piece and should be introduced in all schools teaching movie production, journalism and just art! Awesome job Team Bee.

  17. Abby Grace says:

    “Good genes, very good genes.” If only Trump had gotten them…

    Also hey! Thanks for the Esperanto shout out! Vortoj means words fyi.

  18. David Scott says:

    Thank you, Samantha. My dislike of today’s political rhetoric stems from its complete disregard for logic, proper debating techniques and clarity. It’s like listening to third-grade school kids argue.

  19. Imasillylady says:

    Trumps Presidency is an episode of the twilight zone. perfect.

  20. kinn grimm says:

    She should get an emmy for this piece.

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