Fast Family Feud with Claire Danes

Fast Family Feud with Claire Danes

Jimmy and Claire Danes face off in a game like Family Feud only faster.

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Fast Family Feud with Claire Danes

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20 Responses

  1. Scott H says:

    She’s quite adorable

  2. naughts'an Kcrosses says:

    Amy Adams, Clair Danes,,,, or Dude Dang, hahahahaha………….

  3. Batman says:

    I’m banging her

  4. Shelly C says:

    I face palmed so hard on the answer “homework”

  5. mirko zaja says:

    school tomorrow… -.-

  6. mirko zaja says:

    Sunburn on sping break? Lol there is like no sun here in Europe

  7. ashley carswell says:

    Thanks a lot Jimmy, now I have that song stuck in my head. ?

  8. Brijendra Jethra says:


  9. Alexander Rex Evensen says:

    I was sure it would be beads :p Also: So damn beautiful!

  10. Zomby Zomby says:

    Hey clemence poesy looks like her

  11. bongo155 says:

    Oh course Americans chose shoot as their top choice. Its about the guns …

  12. StillHdz17 says:

    she can get it

  13. Chelnah the Egghead says:

    I had homework over spring break…

  14. Kavya Trivedi says:

    superwoman’s was the best

  15. fordskool says:

    damnnn daniel

  16. Samu BRidges says:

    2 shitty celebs… jimmy and whats her face

  17. lewis foster says:


  18. MrKpopSucks says:

    2:07 worst fake laugh/reaction ever!

  19. Mitdank says:

    I would eat Claire’s ass

  20. N332 says:

    I mean she ain’t wrong, I always get homework during Spring Break