Fast moving developments in the coronavirus outbreak

Fast moving developments in the coronavirus outbreak

33 states and Washington D.C. have confirmed cases, two more today, and the death toll rising to 21 victims in the United States.




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78 Responses

  1. Brandon BS says:

    3:03 government guy: we have to learn how viruses are spread

    george: no what steps is the government going to take to resolve the situation

    government guy: Thats what i just said… we need to keep with our daily routines

    ok government guy.

  2. DHarrison says:

    This has been happening in asia for months now. No surprise

  3. Crysta HW says:

    He is saying that the Public is On their Own.

    • highwayrockstar1 says:


    • MansonX says:

      Lord Yamcha ok weebo

    • MansonX says:

      camjamsdad see the thing is, you’re absolutely right. But their is a great amount of our people who are just plain lazy. They can’t even take care of themselves and shower properly as they sit in their mothers basement playing video games and watching anime, how do we expect them to keep themselves clean even through this?

    • Pam Duncan says:

      @The Shifters Music I agree 100% Trump is a idiot and anyone who voted for a TV reality show star is also a idiot. Our government is a joke. I hope Trump and pence get the virus and dies.

  4. FJ C says:

    Did Ben Carson Stroke out during that interview? What’s wrong with that guy?

  5. Mrs B says:

    Ben Carson…🤔 Been prepping for a while, sorry for the ones just learning. Wishing all make it thru, gov’t will not help you.

    • I Sa says:

      How much do you have together? I feel I have many bases taken care of but really only for about 30 days really.

    • LolGamez says:

      I can’t prep, im in the ghetto

    • foundthecreek damrights says:

      @Tony Montana oh im taking it seriously, good luck stock piling to outlast a virus that has up to and beyond a 14 day incubation period. your better off learning how to dance in the new world then trying to hide from it, . you hide, the virus will be still here when your supplies run out. survivors adapt to there environment

    • Cornbread Fed says:

      @foundthecreek damrights exactly no point of hiding in a bunker the minute you come out you might die. It just evolution running its course. Some will die some will survive. Just enjoy the days you got.

  6. Todd Underwood says:

    It’s time to be proactive.

    Close schools and encourage folks to limit unnecessary travel.

  7. Logan Sells says:

    Good job on restricting access to nursing homes, Cuomo. This might save a lot of old people’s lives.

  8. Melle Vogt says:

    “Go about your normal day” ……and wait to become infected!

    • Darby Stegen says:

      Debbie J. Yes

    • timann80 says:

      @Melle Vogt Elderly people die easier from everything. Its part of being old. If I make 70 -75 with decent health and brain activity, I’d be satisfied with that. Death sucks but it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody in that demographic, Its a fact of life.

    • Sperup AD says:

      @timann80 Wise words. Once you understand that it is unstoppable, and that most likely 80 to 90% of the world’s population will be exposed within the next 10 to 24 months.
      I lived long enough already, and, if I go, well, that’s life. I wasn’t supposed to live forever anyways. So, I should write my will, (if I had anythign worthwhile,) and bend over and try to kiss my a Gbye.

    • Sperup AD says:

      @Debbie J. Good advice. Thanks.

  9. lisa gibson says:

    There needs to be more tests available!!!!

  10. Jackie T says:

    “Don’t tell us things that aren’t true.” You’d think this is tacit knowledge, especially for an adult who’s lived more than 7 decades.

  11. Mark says:

    Me: I’m 49 years old, not young but definitely not old enough to worry
    ABC: A 50 year old New York man who looks like he’s in better shape than I am in critical condition.

    • Zio 10 says:

      @Tucsoncoyote 2019 did he smoke? Alot smoke in China an air pollution is very bad. They wear masks anyway there going out anywhere.

    • Zio 10 says:

      @J K thats a bunch of b.s. a bat at the market at Wuhan. They are responsible for Ebola an SARS. Please. Apparently this comment section is bias. Toward Dems. It should be just Americans on here. Not Repub an Dems.

    • Mindy White says:

      @SandcastleDreams Nice job!! Stay safe!!!

    • Biff LeGrosBoeuf says:

      should be fun to watch murica panic when they realize they are worse off than Italy.

    • Modernwarhero says:

      Death toll is about 2 percent, but with the sheer amount of people who get infected it may look like a lot of people have died, but a lot more have survived. That being said that 2 percent is still 2 percent more of a risk to die that everyone should avoid

  12. Surfergirl Maui says:

    Close that nursing home!!!!!!!! That building needs to be quarantined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Snowflake Snuffer says:

      Problem is no body seems to know or care that quarantine means, 40 day isolation..

    • Faith Rada says:

      @relativeGif RelativeGif The whole world is going to look VERY different after this.

    • Faith Rada says:

      @Snowflake Snuffer I had not heard 40.. but… 14 is clearly NOT ENOUGH.

    • Olds Rocket 88 says:

      @Faith Rada You dumbasses control the house so what the hell are you passing that’s getting turned down by Republicans in the Senate. That’s right. You’re passing nothing so shut up already.

  13. Miss. Bitch, Swerve says:

    carson sounds like a robot like as if someone hi-jacked his brain

  14. Dirty Honey says:

    Ben Carson looks and sounds like he just finished smoking a joint 🤦

  15. Kezia Nightshade says:

    Ben Carson is evasive and clueless. He appears to be on drugs imo.

    • Susan Kay says:

      @Debbie J. That’s not what was asked of him, however. If his social or emotional intelligence inhibits his ability to respond to direct questions, with useful information, *_to the public he serves_* – he’s a *nitwit.*

      I wouldn’t let him spay mah dawg. Pee test the old fool, because he’s a certified benzo fiend.

    • texasdee slinglead says:

      Go listen to what he said again . He was telling you , the public something . Question is , did you hear it ?

    • Susan Kay says:

      @texasdee slinglead – Oh yes, I heard every word of his nonsensical response. And I followed his circular logic. I used most of my senses to hear, absorb, and evaluate the validity of his response, how he formulated it, and exactly what he meant.

      He’s dumber than a box of rocks. I.M HO.

    • texasdee slinglead says:

      @Susan Kay it wasn’t nonsense . What you heard should have been, ” we , the federal government realize this mess is not going to stop no matter what we do . Second , if the economy of the U.S. fails , then there will be far greater issues than how to deal with the viruses train wreck . So , you , the public that are concerned and are searching for help , need to become very familiar with this virus’s behavior and how to personally prepare and combat it . Second if you are healthy , no “comorbidity” , then after you have become “familiar “with this virus , and you have adapted your behaviors , go on about your daily routines .

      Medcram , Dr Jon Campell , Peak Prosperity on YouTube .

  16. OhMyAwSoMe says:

    And to the people saying “oh it’s just a flu only old people and kids are affected” well guess what this virus is evolving into a deadlier strain

    • Mentor says:

      You should tell them that the flu have vaccines and meds,convid 19 is an unknown atm

    • blackearl7891 says:

      The virus is barely affecting kids, this is people 50 and older with underlying health issues are in the death range. I’m safe but a lot of people aren’t.

    • RankedOneVA says:

      12 to 61 thousand people die from the flu a year. This isn’t any different than the other outbreaks over the past 10 years.

    • blackearl7891 says:

      @RankedOneVA flu mortality rate is .1%, while this has a 3% death rate. That’s massive in comparison the Spanish flu of 1919 had a death rate of 2%.

  17. John Underwood says:

    We are SO fkd, they’ve no idea what they’re doing

    • Kelleigh Nicole says:

      i mean if it’s only elderly why are we so worried

    • wb6162 says:

      It’s a virus. If you’re 80+ with health issues you should worry. Jesus Christ we have become a bunch of panic babies.

    • Biff LeGrosBoeuf says:

      @hollywood hunter found a moron

    • Schrodinger's Cat says:

      timann80. Not one soul has an immunity to COVID-19 so thats off topic. A vaccine is 1.5 years away. Im not feeding into the hype, it simply is what it is. We are witnessing the onset of a pandemic that has serious potential. No need to panic but be aware and concern yourself with proactive messures

  18. j boogie says:

    Ben Carson didn’t look right out of his eyes, looking like he had been crying , high , drunk , or all the above.

  19. Trump Sucks Cock says:

    When Carson was a brain surgeon, he must have experimented on himself.

  20. Swag For Dogs says:

    “Don’t go on a cruise “
    Everyone travels and still goes on cruise

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