Fastest Clapper in The World – Bonus Clip

Fastest Clapper in The World – Bonus Clip

In this bonus clip, Gav and Dan face off against Eli Bishop, the world’s fastest hand clapper—and the slo-mo replay doesn’t miss a beat. Check out The Super Slow Show, Only on YouTube.

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72 Responses

  1. 18 Grant says:

    Still waiting on you to split a atom in slow motion

  2. Watch Me DIY It says:

    But does he clap back? 😂

  3. Andre D says:

    This guy should be at wheel of fortune😜

  4. Garrett Alston says:

    Can i get some lube? “PULLS from pocket”

  5. Cody Whitlock says:

    Dan is me when I try to do anything that takes talent 😂😂🙌🙌 2:30

  6. Pure Slow Motion says:

    *Sounds like a tiny **_machine gun_** !*

  7. RandomFlatShowsvideos says:

    Crap…I mean clap real clap!


    That’s some mighty fine slow motion clapping Eli. Another awesome bonus!

  9. Let's be Honest Official says:

    Fastest fapper in the world*

  10. Friday Harlowe says:

    My ex did the same noises with her cheeks in the wind…

  11. Jack shadow123 says:

    i love that intro

  12. Lit Piano123 says:

    “I can clap faster.” I say. “Then do it!” Someone Else says. Then, I run away.

  13. Science with Katie says:

    Hooray for bonus videos! 👏🏼

  14. Piano Man - Piano Covers says:

    Now put him in a room full of clap-on, clap-off lights.

  15. Burhan Ajabsha says:

    Fastest fapper in the world*

  16. Kon says:

    Lol it sounds like everyone is clamping when only he is

  17. Prince Westerburg says:

    Steve Reich should get him to perform Clapping Music

  18. Choyn Guy says:

    Give that guy a round of applause 👏

  19. Bubble Double says:

    Ultimate fap.

  20. AleX 99 says:

    THE SLOW MO GUYS, you should invite Alem or NaPoM! Alem is one of the fastest beatboxers int the world! He can make 100 sounds in 5,15 sec only! NaPoM is also a beatboxer but he is more musical

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