Father apologizes after lunging at Larry Nassar in court

Father apologizes after lunging at Larry Nassar in court

He says he was “unable to contain himself: as he stared down the man accused of sexually assaulting his three daughters.

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66 Responses

  1. Cinn Psy says:

    Michigan State failed all of thier students, and should be shut down.

  2. John Brown says:

    Why is he apologizing? No reason to.

    • OG MONKEY KUSH says:

      John Brown yeah Larry just needed his honkey ass beat to a bloody pulpπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜΅

    • samantha griffin says:

      Robert Cornelius you silly πŸ€ͺ little man, you must be lost! Here, letπŸ‘meπŸ‘helpπŸ‘you with that, type L-o-g-a-n-P-a-u-l into the search located top right. You will be right at home over there. You’re welcome.

    • Michael Spraggins says:

      To not defend your family when in grave danger or having been attacked is not okay. His behavior was not inappropriate. I have daughters and will do WHATEVER is necessary to defend them. Either you don’t have daughters and lack the understanding of knowing what is’t like to see someone face-to-face that has abused or attacked them or you are so la-de-da that it’s ok that something that vile has happened and in the presence of the perpetrator you just stand there and let things take their course,…you know….civilized like. I’ve just got too much passion and maybe at that particular point, and I stress, at THAT particular point, incivility to not want to do something. I understand the father completely.

    • Yellow Bandit says:

      Yes, barbarism should be encouraged like the Middle East!

    • Jacko Jew Jr says:

      orion2themax show respect for the father. Any moral human being would kill that son of bitch.

  3. Joshua Lowe says:

    I know how he feels. Larry molested his daughters along with almost 200 other girls and women.

  4. Just Another Random Guy says:

    America: Where the suspect gets more protection than the victim.

    • ChickenBoy260 says:

      Shut tf up. What are you talking about “more protection.” He’s getting the same trial as any other person. It’s pretty much a formality as this point before he lives out what will be a short and painful life sentence in prison, but we’re not a bunch of barbarians.

    • Lx Beltran says:

      That’s 100% correct. But in prison, that will all change. Everyone will know who he is and what he’s done.

    • A Love says:

      Yep that is fucking sad. Fucking rape Larry Nassar with a spiked metal rod in the ass. Death to that son of a bitch.

    • Palider says:

      Just Another Random Guy You should came to Argentina…

    • GeminiJoule says:


  5. terry mcginnis says:

    cant blame him in all honesty the father went after someone who hurt his child

  6. armchairjudge says:

    The father must be a Texan. Takes no crap. Good on the judge for not punishing him. The doctor, after all that schooling, throws his life into the trash can. He also has children. Hopefully his children are OK and won’t watch these videos. Some people just throw their lives away as well as the lives of the innocent. The father was actually nicer than should have been.

  7. Saltier Than the Dead Sea Doggo says:

    To be honest, I can’t blame him, and I’m not sure anyone else really can

  8. Barry Guyer says:

    Don’t apologize sir.
    I just wish you could have got to him .
    And let him feel some pain.
    You did nothing wrong.
    You are a good man
    God bless you

  9. njwillette says:

    This guy should not be apologizing.

  10. caca yang says:

    I cried…i wish he would had landed at least a punch or even a spit.

    • Juls Devilish says:

      caca yang Yes, a solid punch to the noggin. That would be something to apologize for. Too bad he’s too slow…

  11. Rob Smith says:

    No need to apologize Sir we are all with you

  12. snake plissken says:

    he abused 100Β΄s of young girls and not 1 ever came forward before?the ppl who helped cover up his abuse are just as guilty

  13. acelegend12378 says:

    What he did was understandable but it was still illegal and unlawful

  14. Devester One says:

    That fool gonna die in jail

  15. momanvgu says:

    Oh my goodness I see the despair on this dad πŸ˜” God bless him and his family πŸ™πŸ»

  16. Billie Yazzie says:

    Let Larry be in open population in prison please!!! He will understand what he put those poor girls through and that should be his hell on a daily basis!!!

  17. Mats Leven says:

    You are father of the year , you don’t need to apologizes for against demon

  18. Matt Raker says:

    Father of the year

  19. Colin Chicoine says:

    Never apologies you had and have every right to beat him to a pulp!

  20. 2000BLUESKIES says:

    The father was seeking publicity and got it. Americans are easily duped. When his daughters really needed him where was he. Now he is a celebrity.

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