Fauci says coronavirus deaths will keep rising even as new U.S. cases stabilize

Fauci says coronavirus deaths will keep rising even as new U.S. cases stabilize

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says the U.S. is “struggling” to get the spread of coronavirus under control.

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97 Responses

  1. Thomas Tompkins Sr says:

    This information seems to be factual.to remain responsible journalists the information that’s given by some politicians should be fact-checked in real time and the correct information put on the screen so that the truth gets as much exposure as the original presentation. keep the fake information from being put out there and confusing people

    • Ty Comes - TVPC Production says:

      Herman Moore – it is the rate of growth and threat of tying up ICU units in hospitals which leads to extremely tough decisions for Dr.s where they’re forced to “play God” on who gets treatment or *not*, regardless of *what* disease or *why* you’re there, corona, flu, car crash, doesn’t matter…

      *That* is the essence of what the issue is, why is that so difficult for so many to understand?

    • Ty Comes - TVPC Production says:

      Herman Moore – the numbers your mentioned for Influenza hospitalizations were over a much much more typical period of time and as result a much much more manageable load.. Whereas *this* is over the course of weeks and *days*…

      It truly is unprecedented. In no way are the consequences comparable when looked at with any amount of *nuance*…

    • Ty Comes - TVPC Production says:

      Herman Moore – Plus there *is* outcry first the flu *every year*, outcry to *urge everyone to get their flu shots* to PREVENT such a situation as we are seeing now… There is NO vaccine for COVID-19, and it’s rate of infection is *significantly* higher than that of the flu, with a MUCH longer incubation period where ppl don’t know for up to 2 weeks that they’re carrying it (before symptoms) and can infect *so many ppl* due to this… This isn’t fake news, this is happening, right now

    • Ice 247 says:

      Herman Moore This is Coronavirus. Not the flu.

    • Miguel De Adeje says:

      Don’t listen to word Trump says

  2. Kurt Russell says:

    “Trust your dear old mother boys. Throw ‘er into four-wheel drive and hold on to your hats. – mother fratellie ( the goonies)

  3. Zombie Rob says:

    This man is so drained. You can just see it. God bless you Dr. Fauci. You have a special place in my heart and I’m sure in the hearts of many Americans as well.

  4. Chris Thorn says:

    Unless they keep everyone social distancing for a decent amount of time after this virus starts flatlining the number of cases will simply start to skyrocket again

    • Herman Moore says:

      Whoa CowBoy, easy on the doom & gloom – Yes it is ! Am just saying ? 60,000 Americans died during the flu season Sept-2019 to February 2020 [350,000 were hospitalised during the same period] There was no outcry or lockdown or hysteria or Bailouts during that time.

    • Chris Thorn says:

      Herman Moore I’m so tired of hearing morons like you compair this to a standard flu season. This is happening on too of the regular flu season which is why this is crippling our health care system on top of the fact that the people hospitalized from the flu don’t need ventilators to the extent that people suffering from Covid do

    • Just The Truth says:

      @Herman Moore There was no need to lockdown hospitals or scramble for ventilators to keep more sick people alive than we had equipment with the flu. Not a true equivalency. Scores of doctors and nurses weren’t dying from the flu. It wasn’t as contagious as this virus. It doesn’t last as long, cause the same harm as this virus. There is a vaccine and treatment for the flu. This is unknown. Which means long term effects are also unknown. Mutation is unknown. Not the same as the seasonal flu, though that is nasty all by itself.

    • WesMan says:

      Thank you doctor.

    • Beast bombshell hero says:

      I really don’t think so my opinion isn’t important but I believe a lot of people have already gotten it and never were tested

  5. Mr.gameexpert 56 says:

    You can hear the tiredness in his voice and god bless this man and everyone stay safe #stayhome

    • Rise up says:

      @R Campbell There are way worse deaths from many sources. Car accidents -they don’t stop making cars. Heart disease – they don’t make people stop eating meat. Cigarette smoking- they don’t make people stop smoking. Flu’s with waaay more deaths. And they don’t make millions of people lose their jobs. Doesn’t that seem a little insane to you

    • Just The Truth says:

      @Rise up There was no need to lockdown hospitals or scramble for ventilators to keep more sick people alive than we had equipment with the flu. Not a true equivalency. Scores of doctors and nurses weren’t dying from the flu. It wasn’t as contagious as this virus. It doesn’t last as long, cause the same harm as this virus. There is a vaccine and treatment for the flu. This is unknown. Which means long term effects are also unknown. Mutation is unknown. Not the same as the seasonal flu, though that is nasty all by itself.

    • Veronica V says:

      @R Campbell Very true, thank you for that comment. It gives us hope that many will remember this so called “hoax” come November. And Dr. Fauci, may God bless him, is trying very hard to “save lives” and get the truth out there! ORANGE BUFFOON: “I want packed churches Easter Sunday!” Dr. Fauci “no, stay home.”

    • Kent Horvath says:

      he’s being somber and serious.

    • SeedPlanter says:

      It’s a tough job lying and manipulating people

  6. Kim K says:

    We should have been listening to the doctors three months ago instead of pretending it didn’t exist in it’s just the flu that we spend billions of dollars a year to fight

  7. Kim K says:

    I don’t know what I’d do if I found that I was responsible for giving it to my grandparents or someone else & they die. It’s extremely negligence and unethical to allow people to die for the economy

    • Brian Numme says:

      Kim K unless they’re republicans

    • 안 두선 says:

      @herodotall Like what we have now — government checks going out and Trump Party supporters are going to take them, expanded medical that Trump Party supporters will take, unemployment for months that Trump Party supporters will accept… Trump socialism must be different than what we have now.

    • james taube says:

      More people will die in the next year from smoking.

    • Cory Snyder says:

      @herodotall You can’t choose both and if we don’t act diligently, there may be no end to this in sight.

    • 안 두선 says:

      @james taube I don’t smoke so I it won’t be me. I breath though so this has a good chance of getting me… nice try though.

  8. miabass34 says:

    We should have been wearing mask when China was at their peak of pandemic… we’re months late

    • slyky says:

      miabass34 We should have shut down our borders and gave those out of country money to maintain a living until it’s clear…. would have been way cheaper

    • Ice 247 says:

      Herman Moore <— Fake Page Troll 🚨

    • Linda Smith says:

      Jane Bradley. This virus was designed??
      Do you know something more about this virus??

    • Miguel De Adeje says:

      @rhianna dodd yeah , starting with Trump , the guy is such a lunatic .

    • 안 두선 says:

      @Herman Moore Why are you cutting and pasting. People can be prepared — need to be prepared. This IS NOT the flu. There is no cure and no vaccine and will keep coming back if we don’t figure out what mitigation looks like. They are projecting up to 240,000 dying. We’re losing people at more than 1,000 a day and more than a million people have died world wide. Minimizing doesn’t help. We need to take the precautions we’ve been asked to take and at least help our states to get things under control. It’s clear the Federal Government isn’t going to be helpful.

  9. Mandy Daly says:

    This poor man seems broken and he’s doing his utmost best for everyone , god help him

    • Ring Dave says:

      He continues to guess and give Bad advise.

    • Anad Nitram says:

      He’s broken because he has to be dramatic for all the 🐑!

    • Nathan Carabajal says:

      @Ring Dave who are you talking about

    • luli lopez says:

      @VJ S Him and Bill Gates

    • Trey Hargis says:

      Leroy Bumfuzzle how would anyone know if it is coming? It started in a market in Wuhan, China in late 2019. Soon after the WHO sent out multiple warnings. There is no way of “predicting” a virus. After a virus is identified, then a vaccine is developed as quickly as possible. Fauci should be educating others, not working in a lab all day. That is not his job.

  10. Dr Dot Com says:

    Hey US people, it was a tough day, but all humans are praying for you. Tough days will pass. From Pakistan

  11. Sarah H says:

    I saw the Queen’s speech a while ago. Thanking people, including those staying in. Encouraging everyone to keep with it. Positive, uplifting and sincere. Very touching. Some how she didn’t gripe about how bad it was for her, or talk about her ratings.

  12. Mike Vang says:

    And there’s still people threatening this guy 🤦🏼‍♂️.

  13. confuseus maximus says:

    Beset on all sides yet he still fights on a hero true.

  14. Robin Maynard says:

    You seen so tired, please rest, we need you for the long term. Thank your family from all of us, as well . Prayers for all.

    • WesMan says:

      Prayers for all?. Right. Remember Auschwitz?..I’m sure the vast majority of the 1.1 MILLION people murdered there prayed a lot.

    • Jon James says:

      Do something useful please, there’s no evidence that praying for people helps the people you’re praying for. You’re spreading misinformation, it’s about the same as telling people that if they get really close to a person with coronavirus then the virus gets scared and runs away.

  15. Melissa Smith says:

    Just wondering why during the press conference they don’t stand 6 feet away

  16. First Last says:

    It’s a viral pneumonia, of course deaths are going to continue to rise, and will continue.. stop wasting his time on obvious information, he’s the most respected person in the country and has a job to do!
    Stay safe everyone 🕊❤🇺🇸

  17. idrumcolerain says:

    I hope this man is awarded the appropriate honors after this is all over. He is the epitome of a true public servant.

  18. YouTube Luver says:

    When there aren’t enough tests, how can they tell when this really is getting better?

    • Beast bombshell hero says:

      I think the death rates will start to go down and then your guess is as good as there’s after that

    • Vidalion says:

      YouTube Luver It is not the number of asymptomatic or mild cases that is important. Countries with centralized healthcare databases/universal care can calculate that later. Now it is the number of hospitalizations and deaths that matter most. Those are the “canary in the coal mine” can certainly show we have better control, but even if we could test everyone daily an exact prediction isn’t possible. Right now the US is just trying desperately not to outrun its ICU beds, ventilators, etc by spreading cases out over time.

    • Vidalion says:

      Dex Morrison Like most predictions of the future, it won’t be exact, but epidemics do have a mathematical basis and rough predictions can be made. Without full testing we don’t know if there are 100 or a 1000 etc. asymptomatic cases per each death, but when deaths go down instead of growing up, that tells us something. The projections aren’t perfect, but neither are they pointless.

    • 안 두선 says:

      Less people dying, but we won’t know where the hot spots are for round two… mapping should have started with the first positive when the numbers where 5-20

    • YouTube Luver says:

      Dex Morrison 💯👍🏼

  19. Juliétte says:

    The States that don’t have stay at home orders are gonna be staying home soon and just as many cases as the rest of the country.

  20. Damon Arsiniega says:

    I bet all my money he’s gonna be PERSON OF THE YEAR!

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