Favorite Childhood Toys (GAME)

Favorite Childhood Toys (GAME)

What were the Mythical Crew’s favorite childhood toys from back in the day?  GMM #1409
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56 Responses

  1. sarah says:

    I think the Mythical Crew guessing games could be my favourite GMMore format! ☺️❤️

  2. Kaitlyn J. says:

    Does anyone else remember dunkaroo?!

  3. EJ Banfield says:

    “I know for a fact.. I’d bet my life on it.. that STEVIE owned an American Girl”

    “But not a doll just a woman”


  4. Shiloh Store says:

    I feel like they cut out right when the conversation was getting good!

  5. martinbondesson says:

    Loved this GMMore <3 I want more of this! I wish Josh would have gotten some time to talk about Mario Tennis tho 🙁

  6. SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 says:

    surprised Josh’s favorite wasn’t an EASY BAKE OVEN! 😉

  7. Ferani Yudhianti says:

    Jordan is so amusing, no wonder he could play a character like Randy

  8. Nancy Carolyn says:

    My mom has a homemade, anatomically correct cabbage patch doll too. I think it has a plastic head though. I think her grandma made it but I’m not entirely sure. (Maybe it’s a North Carolina thing ✌)

  9. Truth_is_the _new_hate says:

    Stevie is definitely into American Girls.
    Wow, Stevie and I have something in common.

  10. Mallorie Louann says:

    I think that Link’s cabbage patch kid should’ve been in today’s main episode 😂

  11. Matthew Drobek says:

    Jordan should be on camera more, he is so hilarious

  12. Spider Guy says:

    This is a whole other level for Good Mythical More, why you ask?

    The crew is so much fun… 😶👏

  13. Mulldrifter Z says:

    Emily is cute!

  14. Clint Mcintosh says:

    Next Ear Biscuits should really just focus on Link’s doll, the people need answers!

  15. the_nikster says:

    i think it’s great that Link played with dolls as a kid. more boys should play with dolls. it helps to build empathy, responsibility, and prepares them to be good fathers someday (if they ever want to be).

    • scottcol23 says:

      I played with dolls also. But they were called “action figures” which made it okay right? I had GI Joe, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, He Man, and I loved my Stretch Armstrong doll. Oh and I didn’t have one. But who remembers those huge “My buddy and Kid sister” dolls. I can still hear the commercial in my head.

    • whatiwasgoingtosay says:

      True! Link’s mom must have seen “Free to be You and Me.” Look it up on YouTube, kids.

    • Heather Domin says:

      ahhh now it’s stuck in my head too! my buddy and meeeeee

    • BenjaminGrim says:

      My Buddy was definitely my childhood best friend.

    • Rup says:

      I played with it. I much preferred doll above GI joes when I were a kid.And I can tell this so openly as we are anonymous. 😛

  16. Mrs. G. says:

    If you had an American girl doll, you were a rich kid 😂. I wanted one of those so bad as a little girl, especially the “looks like you” doll.

    • Jenna Trowbridge says:

      Mrs. G. i always wanted one so bad i asked for a kirsten doll every christmas and i cried when she was discontinued when i was 10 🙁

  17. Jessica Ross says:

    Great episode getting to know more about our much loved crew members. Great seeing everyone so chilled.
    I am very intrigued about Link’s cabbage patch doll…hope to learn more!

  18. Sumaya MH says:

    I like this..its like im hanging out with them.

  19. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    I wonder what happened to good mythical moms🤔😂.

  20. Amber Tenney says:

    Ellie getting burnt out on taking care of toys is such a big mood.

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