Fergie says her version of the national anthem ‘didn’t strike intended tone’

Fergie says her version of the national anthem ‘didn’t strike intended tone’

The Grammy winner said she tried her best singing the song during the NBA All-Star game.

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70 Responses

  1. TesterLite says:

    Everyone was laughing at her lol

  2. Brandon Penwright says:

    Ok…. No…

  3. jorge bejarano says:

    Oh god……

  4. 1 1 says:

    *And a technical foul is called on Fergie for making my ears bleed*

  5. Preston Massaro says:

    Who Cares her Knockers still struck the right tone

  6. Mr2 spyder Toyota says:

    man she sounds like a cat that’s being tortured

  7. Betty Alford says:

    I’m impressed.she took responsibility and apologized

  8. silky under says:

    This is worst than when she peed her pants on stage. Poor girl

  9. Charity Rich says:

    Her performance made my day Sunday…Gave me a good laugh,that a haven’t had in a minute

    • Pussy Destroyer 9000x says:

      Daaaym… ….
      You Americans can’t even go a single minute without laughing these days huh?…
      I blame Kevin Hart and Chris Rock for raising the bar too high… Pfft

    • frootygroovin says:

      Pussy Destroyer 9000x oH fuCk gUeSs oUR hUmAn rEacTiOn tO soMetHinG fUnnY iS bEinG *REVOKED*

    • Slim Vickins says:

      Charity Rich There’s obviously something bigger going on behind the scenes than this….not saying her performance was good, but why are they making such a big deal? Did fergie not surrender herself to the secret society likes the beyonces? That’s where we need to be looking…

    • Pussy Destroyer 9000x says:

      Nah man. I’m just saying the fact that you Americans can recall laughing between minutes is remarkable. ” Like I haven’t laughed in 3 hours” is bad but. .. “I havent laughed in a minute ” is good?
      I’m not some sure on the time of part that phrase is used in or?

    • Kaitlin schnuez says:

      Pussy Destroyer 9000x it’s just an indirect expression, it’s not that serious.


    Her singing was so bad that the nfl protesters stood up and told her not to disrespect the anthem like that.

  11. The Dude says:

    Yikes! She definitely butchered it.

  12. Angela Georgeson says:

    What the bloody hell was that.

  13. thebatman101069 says:

    Trying to make the Anthem sexy just doesn’t work

  14. Candace Webster says:

    WTF was she thinking? You don’t interpret the national anthem, you SING it. It needs no enhancement or hip hop version. Fergie is an embarrassment. Period.

  15. OEyeCu812 says:

    i never thought she could sing

  16. MUTE8 says:

    She sang in the key of L

  17. Killer Comedy Unleashed says:

    I’ve heard cats fuck with more Harmony!

  18. Roam FM says:

    Ya’ll leave Fergalicious alone! lol

  19. μž¬μ€ηΎŽ says:

    LOL “Here is Kimmel, getting new material.”

    • Nuka Cola says:

      μž¬μ€ηΎŽ naw, mr fake liberal tears only uses kid deaths for ratings. He wont touch this for longer 10secs and lead into how concerned he is for us behind his gated home and insecurity guards.

  20. Quentin Bizz says:

    Draymond green gets me everytimeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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