Fight breaks out on pit road

Fight breaks out on pit road

Things get heated between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano on pit road following the Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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20 Responses

  1. Aleks Melys says:

    Logano deserved it no one likes him

  2. BeastSports02 says:

    No wonder why Vegas is the Fight Capital of the World.

  3. JMCM 20 says:

    He looks like a 4 year old when he was getting dragged away

  4. Isaiah Nation says:

    my name is Danica Patrick I am so sad I blew up hardest race ever

  5. Ryan O'Shaughnessy says:

    Kyle needs his ass parked for this one. This is absolutely silly. This was an accident.

  6. Larson,Elliot Larson is beast,Elliot is good says:

    I hope Kyle gets suspended and gets replaced with a driver that won’t be a bitch and be a man about it

  7. Dillon Murway says:

    “none to me”. Yea bullshit Logano. Watch Jeff Glucks video of the fight

  8. Aaron Denson says:

    the Jeff Gluck POV is much better. shows Kyle actually walking up to the 22 pit. Kyle got a fairly decent shot on Logano before everyone got separated.

  9. TheBlazingKing says:

    LMAO “None To Me”

  10. Kayden Miller makes INTRO says:

    guys Kyle go down. in to Joey and Joey gets loose in to Kyle

  11. Beta Cygni says:

    Kryle Bitch is just as bad fighting as he is driving.

  12. JanitorIsBack says:

    Shows that Kyle is a fake Christian

  13. Painful3rection92 says:

    Two of the least liked drivers in Nascar getting into a fight? Now that makes great footage.

  14. Dat Racer says:

    It’s amazing how Kyle Busch fans blame Logano instantly by screaming and yelling, Yes he overdrove the corner but even the broadcasters Including Jeff Gordon said that it was just hard racing on the last lap. If there is one thing i learned from this is that 1. Kyle blames everyone for everything that doesnt go his way and 2. “None to me” comeback of the year
    By The Godamn way if you are complaining joey purposefully wrecked kyle by over driving the corner on purpose well then kyle shouldnt have purposely rammed into joey after he was pinned between the slow car and joey so if you fully brought it back to the start it was kinda kyle’s fault

  15. Ryan Holman says:

    It seems that Joey Logano cannot avoid having issues with Joe Gibbs’s drivers.

  16. Josh Lehnertz says:

    Two of the biggest fucking babies ever

  17. TheDieHardWWEAddictV2 says:

    Kyle is such a fucking child when he doesn’t get his way. Seriously kick him out of NASCAR already.

  18. FRR78 says:

    Weren’t they talking and laughing before the race?

  19. Jarrett Lee says:

    Kyle Busch is NASCAR’s Big Cry Baby!!!!!!!!

  20. Nathan 43 says:

    Classic Kyle lol

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