Fight Night Japan: Uriah Hall Octagon Interview

Fight Night Japan: Uriah Hall Octagon Interview

Hear from one of the stars of Fight Night Japan, Uriah Hall, talk about his amazing performance against Gegard Mousasi. Hall hit an unbelievable spinning back kick and then capitalized en route to a TKO finish.

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Zand says:

    Lucky bastard !

  2. WiseBlasian says:

    The translator couldn’t help but to look at Uriah’s ripped body loool.

  3. ohhroach says:

    Black dbz man

  4. Marcel Nilles says:


  5. Mel Gibson says:

    I was impressed by his jiu-jitsu

  6. YaPaNiMaYu DaYa says:

    Dude Mousasi took that hit like a fucking champ. That dude has a chin like
    no other. Glad to see Hall living up to that hype he made with that kick in

  7. CxsG90 says:

    That fat lady at the end! lmao

  8. Xarina's World says:

    as much as I love to see Uriah win his fights, i hate it as much to see
    Gegard lose

  9. tavaughan plummer says:

    somebody needs to sign this translator to the she was on point

  10. mrco74 says:

    Uriah was that black kid that played Yu Gi Ohs

  11. Nika Zardiashvili says:

    Uriah is a great fighter and this was an absolutely spectacular finish, one
    of the most impressive I’ve seen. That being said, I sincerely believe he
    simply got lucky. Mousasi wins a fight against him 9 times of out of 10, we
    just happened to see this 10th…

  12. George Wayne Clayton says:

    What an amazing finish by #UriahPrimeTimeHall def #GegardMousasi in the
    second round in 25 seconds.

  13. The Observer says:

    Dana White said Uriah Hall is not a fighter, what is Dana gonna say now???

  14. TheVJProduction says:

    lets hope he doesnt have 2 more boring fight

  15. Ryan P says:

    gegard got caught plain and simple he will be back gegard should not have
    lost this.

  16. Exhorder says:

    Cute translator lady. She’s good at her job too, keep her.

  17. SkyForge says:

    it was hard watching 2 of my favourite fighters fight,. mousasi still
    dominated first round . But Uriah seconds round accuracy on that kick was
    just , boom …Respect to both fighters, and to all haters , go train mma
    and see what its like!

  18. Christiaan G says:

    Respect Uriah!!! your awesome

  19. Davidson Harly says:

    Dwi Chagi

  20. YawnGod says:

    Mayweather could totally take him out.