Film Theory: Beware Shrek’s Fatal Stench! (SHREK)

Film Theory: Beware Shrek’s Fatal Stench! (SHREK)

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Remember the opening scene in Shrek where he’s taking a bath in the swap and let’s one rip? And all the fish float to the top of the water? Yeah, that got me thinking – just how toxic are Shrek’s farts? Throughout the movies we see many examples of their gassy power, as well as get the anecdotes from Shrek himself about the strength of ogre stench. What makes these toots so dangerous? It’s my aim to find out! Plug your nose, Loyal Theorist! It’s about to get STINKY!

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Twitter: @MatPatGT

Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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60 Responses

  1. Erin Murphy says:

    “Almost twenty years ago” MY HEART STOPPED

  2. Hermann Göring says:

    Poor Matpat doesn’t know what he got himself into with TikTok.

  3. Tanna Dodson says:

    3:27 is that Beebo? MatPat’s a fan??

  4. JUST 2HI4U says:

    Umm shrek is the meme star? No no no, spongebob… Nuff said

  5. Constipated Wonka says:

    Thanks MatPat. Now I’ll know how to make spicy wind with my bootis just like Shrek (:

  6. ? says:

    Thank you for putting “(SHREK)” in the title, I wasn’t aware that the theory about shrek involved shrek until you cleared that up for me.

  7. Antek memez says:

    Thr film was great, but then your sponsor showed up… Matpat, WHY?

  8. Vivienne Sangalang says:

    Oh my *goodness* you researched the science of *farting*
    And you got sponsored by *Tik Tok*
    *what is happening*

  9. Molly Clark says:

    Who else heard the whistling in the background??

  10. EMYX says:

    Me:Watches the video

    Also me after the video:Every day we stray further from god

  11. Athithan says:

    So basically fart grenades or stink bombs that contain 1000PPM’s can put you in a coma…

    Gives a whole new meaning to the stink grenades in Fortnite that only does 5 damage per second

  12. thePredman#9 lol says:

    *This is what Film Theory has come to…*

    “Sponsored by TikTok”

    • Rainbow fox5228 Conray says:


    • Pusheen Lover says:

      I considered unsubscribing when I saw that

    • Pusheen Lover says:

      +Shakira B it’s cancerous

    • Hyperion Rykoraz says:

      Pusheen Lover And guess what? The guy needs money to help support his family, since YouTube isn’t providing much anymore. And besides, it’s just an ad, it doesn’t hurt you, it doesn’t change the quality of the video, and you can skip it just like most of the normal ads that YouTube already provides.

    • Snorlax Pancake says:


  13. Lola Birgen says:

    Mat pat is the only person that can make me watch an entire video about ogre farts

  14. MA D says:

    If shrek’s farts can KILL
    His crap and piss can probably melt titanium

  15. Duaa Siddiqui says:

    Did..Did i just watch a whole video on Shrek’s farts and learn something? Welp… Welcome to Film Theory.

  16. JoAnna Gooley says:

    At 3:25 I say P!atD and freaked I didnt know he was in to that kind of music ?

  17. Mitchell Payne says:

    1990 ” the future will have floating cars

    2019 “aRe SHrCks FaRtS DeaDLy

  18. pork shop says:

    2013: What gender it the pyro from TF2?
    2019: HoW DeAdLy Is ShErK’s FaRt?!?

  19. BlackScape says:

    “I’m Pickle Shrek Donkey, look at me!”

  20. Maxbotnick says:

    “Sponsored by TikTok”


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