Film Theory: Can You SUE a Superhero? (Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles)

Film Theory: Can You SUE a Superhero? (Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles)

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Here’s a superhero question – if someone doesn’t want to be saved, what happens when you save them? That’s what happened to Mr. Incredible in the first Incredibles movie and we never got a good answer. Today Loyal Theorists, we are figuring out if you can LEGALLY sue a superhero for saving you.

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68 Responses

  1. richard kurniawan says:

    most kids now see the Incredibles as a xmen knock off

  2. Matt Spicer says:

    that intro though xD

  3. Malin Lokrantz says:

    *I KNOW HIM*

  4. GameRenZ says:

    Matpat’s power: overthinking
    He can whip up a theory up from even the simplest of things

  5. Dominik Schardt says:

    MatPat: *Doing some Theory about the government or secret acencys etc.*

    Government: YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

  6. Winnie The pooh says:

    That’s just a theory… an incredible theory!!!

  7. KrazZ KZ says:

    This episode was SUEper good!

  8. Zenkai Z25 says:

    Nah, this ain’t no theory
    It’s a fact

  9. Van Hendrix says:

    I wish they’d bring back Bombvoyage

  10. Briana Martinez says:

    So basically everything before 9:40 is useless yup good ol film theory for you

    • SegaMaster172 says:

      No, the first half was to state what would happened if you tried to sue a superhero by today’s rules. You’d have an impossible time trying to sue a superhero.

      However, because the hero lawsuits happened in 1947 of the Incredibles, it could’ve realistically happened because of the different laws back then.

      Overall, successfully suing a superhero:
      Could it have happened? Yes, in the past.

      Could it happen nowadays? No, virtually impossible.

    • TheRezro says:

      For clarity “Supers” as they are in the movie, not in general.

    • RoughShadow says:

      Well, you learned about the Good-Smaritan-Law, why it’s good, what it means, the Sovereign-Law, the Federal Tort Claims Act, that it’s almost impossible to sue an American government, with real-life examples for all of these cases…
      It may have been useless for the theory itself, but at the very least the Good-Samaritan-Law is a good thing to keep in mind. And it’s nice trivia.

  11. Mr Pinchers says:

    10:55 The Incredibles takes place in the 60’s so they where still illegal in the movie since none of the 3 laws you mentioned existed. In the first movie it’s more about reliving the glory days and less about becoming legal again. The second movie is more about how they can become legal again and their journey to it.(The second movie continues right where the first ends so still the 60’s)

    • Jason Costa says:

      Mr Pinchers well he’s talking about when the supers were sued which took place before the events of the movie so what you said it completely unrelated

  12. Joe Funk says:

    Who else noticed the A-113 Easter Egg in the thumbnail?!

  13. Neo says:

    So we can say that the guy who jumped commited SUEcide

  14. Maisy Floss says:

    Ah yes, the American legal system. Where the real heroes take criminals off the streets. Oh wait, did I say American?

  15. Somerandom Guy says:

    *wHerE* *iS* *MY* *SuPEr* *SUiT*

  16. FNPlayz says:

    Bruised ribs are really painful just to think about

  17. Y-ai Chan says:

    Great discovery 🙂 nice theory……. ejm…. PLEEEEASE DO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT CASSIDY !!!!!! ¬¬ you know what I mean…


  18. Bonixo HD says:

    S Y N D R O M E!!!

  19. Veridian says:

    What do you call a lawyer that’s in defense of a hero?
    *_A Sueperhero_*

  20. Veridian says:

    Looks like everyone in My Hero Academia is screwed

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