Film Theory: Finding Nemo’s UNTOLD Story! (Pixar Finding Nemo)

Film Theory: Finding Nemo’s UNTOLD Story! (Pixar Finding Nemo)

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When it comes to the Finding Nemo franchise, Pixar really seemed to do it’s research. Their fish science went the distance to make the movie feel as authentically under the sea as possible – mostly. You see, clownfish are very cool creatures, very RESOURCEFUL creatures. With Nemo’s mom removed from the picture due to natural predators, Marlin stepped up to solo parent. One point for good dads! Except… maybe not? You see, we need to talk about Marlin.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barat  
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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56 Responses

  1. Fireshark says:

    the shark that survives in a vegetarian diet is the hammerhead shark, the bonnet head shark. Also if you didn’t know the hammerhead shark is a shark family, it has 9 species, Scalloped Hammerhead, Great Hammerhead, Winghead, Bonnet head, Smooth Hammerhead, Smalleye Hammerhead, Scoophead, and finally Scalloped Bonnet head.

  2. Anikan Ketchum says:

    Or maybe he’ll find himself in the fact Nemo is growing up

  3. Weirdo101 Person says:

    Hey-I really think that matpat should do a theory (or at least watch) “John Dies in the End” or “Color Out of Space” both have amazing potential for theories, and even if he can’t get a theory out of them, they are both great movies!

  4. LilLeo Ramirez says:

    Female Clownfish: Dies
    Male Clownfish: Now this looks like a job for me

  5. WolfGoober5 says:

    (During nemo at beginning)
    Me: mat….. youve changed….. how youve changed…….. I LOVE THE HAIRCUT MAN

  6. daniel chaves says:

    To support the theory: Marlin through the first movie is constantly getting away from home and getting used to the idea of leaving the anemone, just like a female clown fish who doesn’t stay at home and protects the colony. He is slowly turning into the dominant female right in front of our eyes and its shown in his character arc.

  7. Fraggle Rock says:

    Random inaccuracy bothering me!! The dentist office tank contains a porcupine pufferfish, a porcupine puffer especially of that size would have no issue, and would definitely, eat everything in that tank, including every other of the fish. Also, that tank is not even beginning to be the right size, a puffer of that maturity would need about a 75-100 litre tank, so that tank would be filled with food (they’re messy eaters) and waste. Finally that’s out my system!!😂😂

  8. SpiceKid says:

    Ever since the beginning, I have believed Coral is not dead. I’ve had the theory that the next movie is going to be Finding Coral.

  9. Aiden Scott says:

    Me: “I wonder what this theory is gonna be about.”
    Matpat: “Cause Nemo and Marlin are *clownfish* “
    Me: “oh god no. He isn’t going to talk about *that* is he?”
    Matpat: *talks about exactly that*
    Me: “son of a-“

  10. DeathBySeaToast says:


    Film theory:
    *_AnD So ThEy FrIcK_*

  11. Nuclear Geek says:

    Unfortunately, it’s also true that the dominant male clownfish also typically EATS any damaged or unfertilized eggs. So, Marlin probably would of ate Nemo.

    • Yowa Dup says:

      Do dominant females do this? Because according to matpats theory marlin immediately began to think like a female clownfish. If that’s the case then as a female mentally, marlin wouldn’t decide to eat the egg right?

    • Emujin Zolbayar says:

      @Yowa Dup That’s what I’m thinking too. At that point, he is no longer a dominant male

    • River Gaming says:

      @Nuclear Geek dude once the dominant female dies the dominant male starts to IMMEDIATELY think as a female hence him not eating Nemo thoe your fact is correct because of Marlin’s biology his brain was no longer male thoe he refers too and is refered too as male and still phsyically male

    • Nuclear Geek says:

      @River Gamingeven if it were that instantaneous (and it’s not), “she” would wanna get that other triflin bitch’s baby out of there. There’s a new hoe in da house now. LOL
      But seriously, nothing happens that fast and the clownfish hatch in about 7 days which isn’t nearly long enough for significant biochemical changes to take place. Additionally, the whole premise of this is screwed since being the only surviving clownfish (there should be multiple males around), the transition to female wouldn’t likely be triggered since Marlin is isolated. He would have to re-engage with another clownfish population and find where he lands in the pecking order. Because, while the male can transition into a female, they CAN’T change back. Basically, they need the outside indicators of the other fish to know so it would be held out until and if he found another population. He’d still snack on Nemo before he left though. He’s defective and wouldn’t be protected. Life isn’t that nice.

  12. Josh Soriano says:

    MatPat: Realistically, Nemo would have to procreate with his own dad, Marlin.
    Me: That sounds familiar.
    Me: **sven and deeep flashbacks**

  13. Derek Rutland says:

    Disney: So how realistic do you want the film to be?
    Andrew: *Yes*

  14. dhi_awesome says:

    So what you’re saying is, theoretically, Marlin x Nemo is a thing, and Marlin x Dory is a lesbian relationship?


  15. Ryan Galbraith says:

    did the whistling in the background music freak anyone else out before they realized it was coming from the video?

  16. Stephan Stefanus says:

    >committed to scientific accuracy
    >most fish can blink in the movie

  17. Anime Skrillex says:

    “Marlin has a secret”
    The one where he’s supposed to procreate with Nemo? Or am I missing something-

    I was right

  18. CatAtthe tAbLe45 says:

    Me: oh dear a finding Nemo theory I wonde-
    Matpat: “Because Marlin and Nemo are clownfish”
    Me: Oh boy here we go

  19. Bad and New Gachas says:

    Morale of the story: Matpat while a smart and amazing YouTuber/Theorist is a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, therapist

  20. Boy not Atreus says:

    Mat: “That’ll be kinda tough to cut out for China there Disney-”
    Me: *almost chokes on breakfast* Well yes I agree with you but I still want to be able to see it T^T

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