Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)

Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)

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The final trailer for Deadpool 2 was released and I noticed something VERY interesting. This guy they keep focusing on, Peter. Is he REALLY the average Joe they want us to think he is? Or is there something lurking beneath this every man facade? Something POWERFUL? Let’s find out!

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47 Responses

  1. Someone says:

    Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  2. Tenya Iida says:

    Naruto theory? Idk probably not

  3. dDeckon says:

    When I first saw the Trailer & didn’t know anything about the Twitter Account…
    I thought he was going to be “Peter Darker”; A Joke on how they Can’t do Deadpool&Spidey in the Movies, but they can have a Character named “Peter” that serves a Similar Role. Kind-of like “Hydra Bob” in DP1, who was just “Bob, from that one time”.

  4. Thomas Wood says:

    Deadpool needs to make a phone app called Pocket-Pool 😉

  5. M-B-Productions says:

    Do a series called MiniTheory where you have multiple small theories about different shows

  6. Seb Hale says:

    Well I know the title of Avengers 4, a few variations actually..

    Fortnite: Infinity Gauntlet
    Avengers: Battle Royale
    Fortnite: Fallen Son
    Avengers: letsearnabitmoremoneyoffthisganethatisprettypopularbylettingthemuseourvillainandplotdevicescausewetotallyneedevenmoremoney!

  7. Minus Mimik says:

    that kid may be Russell now, but he will forever be Ricky Baker for basicly anyone who lives in nz

  8. ekul woo says:

    What the hell..this vidoe is a complete waste of time…I miss the older smarter videos, with substance, science and the ever present Mathematics to round it off…this, well I don’t know what this is supposed to be… 🙁

    • todd johnson says:

      ekul woo What you are witnessing is the same thing that happens to most T.V. shows. They decline. The big youtube channels are following this path. I have put much thought into this overlooked concept. I am glad to clue you in. Perhaps you will start to see this with other channels now?

    • Just Here says:

      How can math be used in a theory related to a social science?

    • bluishwolf says:

      Most of the time he uses math, it’s completely unnecessary. He could have come up with a bullshit reason to calculate something and then used the most complicated method of doing so to take up time in the episode.

  9. Tariq Qureshi says:

    What if matpat figures out theories correctly and trolls us instead 🤔

  10. DjGrahnstetto Aka Dj Grahnstedt says:

    Honestly, who isn’t exited for Deadpool 2 ?

    • todd johnson says:

      DjGrahnstetto Aka Dj Grahnstedt I haven’t exited yet because the movie hasn’t been released. But, as soon as I can, I will exit the movie

  11. Michael You says:

    Do a naruto theory plz

  12. GeekyGamingFamilyTV says:

    Dropping a spoiler for Avengers just 10 days after the movie is released is really cool dude. I appreciate it.

    • GeekyGamingFamilyTV says:

      I was going this weekend. I worked last weekend…and going to the movies on opening weekend is terrible.

    • Tom Moschen says:

      I hate early spoilers but in this case you kinda have nobody to blame but yourself. It was globally released “just” 10 days ago, I’m surprised you only heard about the plot now. And I hate opening weekends too, but I hate spoilers even more. Also, I work on week days and weekends, and I made the “sacrifice” of sleeping late on one week day to see the movie at a 11:30pm showing, just to avoid spoilers. My advice is: if you dont want spoilers, dont be spoiled. Watch it the first chance you get, in the worst chair of the theater if its the case. And then go again once the dust settles.

    • NetSomebody says:

      GeekyGamingFamilyTV Dr Strange, Spiderman, All the GotG apart from Rocket and Black Panther all die.

    • Azure Griffin says:


    • NetSomebody says:

      Azure Griffin I aim to please

  13. Joy Time says:

    Well at least you acknowledge the fact you get theories wrong, which I find very respectable.

  14. Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson says:

    4:53 How dare you use the outdated pre 1801 Great Union Flag to represent Britain sir!

  15. Rachie And The Waves says:

    It was a real shame you got that Last Jedi theory wrong.

    Speaking of which….. 🙂

  16. CosmicGem Games says:

    I feel like Peter will actually be somewhat of an asset later on. Like, maybe he screws up missions at times in the movie, but he manages to cheer up the team after something major happens that causes them to give up hope. Kinda typical, I know, but *ThaTS jUsT A TheOrY!*

  17. Nao Films says:

    Hey MatPat can you do a theory about Pirates of the Caribbean being a story about the hunt for immortality and the 5th one a movie about depression and coming to terms with the inevitability of death? “It’s not about living forever, Jackie. It’s about living with yourself forever” Captain Teague told him that and shortly after Jack found out he may have no other option than to live with the choices he made while trying to escape death.
    My friends call BS on this theory but maybe they’ll listen to YOU!
    Thanks so much in advance for reading this if you have.

  18. Cookie Cat Comments says:

    *captain Britain sounds lit*

  19. Pranav Limaye says:

    Is Deadpool trolling?

    Trolling is Deadpool.

  20. Electric Quin says:

    matpat if u joke about spideys death i will ki…….

    kindly say that that joke is not funny but i respect your placement of it

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