Film Theory: King Kong’s Secret Past – SOLVED! (Kong: Skull Island)

Film Theory: King Kong’s Secret Past – SOLVED! (Kong: Skull Island)

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The King is Back! King Kong that is. But where did he come from? I mean he can’t just be a relic left over from prehistoric times can he? In fact his origins are much more shrouded than that. And there are certain companies that want to keep it that way. Well today, I’m getting to the bottom of Kong’s secret past.

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19 Responses

  1. Gavin Kent says:

    My dad worked on this movie ( kong skull island)

  2. Robyn Stephens says:

    Wait but John Goodman’s character was completely supr

  3. Daniel Vetter says:

    Do a theory on if it’s possible to make a game like Sword Art Online

  4. Carlos Pavonessa says:

    The sideways infinity symbol would be an 8.

  5. GIT GUD says:

    why does matpat drink something that can be used to clean toilets and get rid of rust

  6. PxG Echoes says:

    If they were able to test nukes on kaiju, wouldn’t it have to be 1945 or later that they realized they needed to fight kaiju with kaiju? Because if so, Hank would have witnessed the Kongs being dropped off, since he was there since World War 2. Also, the Kongs would have had to have been there for some time before they grew big enough, and if that’s the case, it’s likely they would’ve been eaten by Skull Crawlers while in their weak state. That doesn’t really add up.

  7. Azzi says:

    Doesn’t it show kings parents bones on the scull crawler land?

  8. Darklingcord 40 says:

    Or it was not an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

  9. Daisy Mae says:

    Well, this just reminded me that I’ve never actually seen Godzilla… I should probably do that…

  10. purple kid says:

    Godzilla is going to win cause Kong is smaller

  11. President Nuggs says:

    You should make a Steven Universe theory.

  12. Julia B says:

    literally watched the 4 minute ad and forgot that it was the ad im sorry matpat

  13. R6_Beastz _ says:

    Godzillas a good guy, in the new movie he technically saved humanity by killing those giant moth things, he also swam the oceans without attacking the US army which was following him. So technically he may of been working with them to kill those moths. Is this evidence?

  14. Hackboi Supreme 3.0 says:

    But didnt Godzilla save the humanity from these other Kaijus? Why would they want to kill Gidzilla if Godzilla protects humanity?

  15. OperatorOfController says:

    Wait, so the largest apes are the same size as Wario?

  16. Billy Bob Joe says:

    “For them [Godzilla & King Kong] to finally meet”… again. Because Toho, the original creators of Godzilla, already did that. And Kong won.

  17. Dylan Her says:

    lol fatpat

  18. Federico Galcius says:


  19. MadiCat247 says:

    like for Power Thirst reference alone. from simpler times on youtube

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